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Performance Golf US

In need of some serious improvement on the course? Say goodbye to inconsistency and hello to your best round yet with Performance Golf US. Their online instruction platform can elevate your game and help you achieve your full potential. Led by the visionary founder, Brixton Albert, a seasoned golfer himself, they’re dedicated to transforming the game for 1 million enthusiasts worldwide. But don’t just take our word for it – their impressive library features top-notch instruction from legends like Sir Nick Faldo and Hank Haney.


Master Your Golf Game with Performance Golf US

EZ3 Fairway Wood

Price: $189.00


The EZ3 Fairway Wood is every amateur golfer’s dream come true. With precision engineering, advanced hybrid design, optimized performance, lightweight agility, and explosive power in one club – it’s a game changer. Enjoy high-launch approach shots with ease and conquer any course condition like a pro.

Upgrade your game today!


The StraightAway

Price: $79.00


EZ3 club image showing the head


The StraightAway is the ultimate solution for golfers looking to improve their swing and take their game to the next level. Crafted with precision and user-friendly design, it naturally keeps your hands, arms, body, and clubhead on track for straight and controlled shots. Say goodbye to inconsistency and hello to precision with this handheld secret weapon.

Elevate your game today!


The Launch Deck

Price: $99.00


Say goodbye to your slice and hello to straighter, longer shots with The Launch Deck. Developed in collaboration with golf legend Hank Haney, this training aid provides potent external feedback that has already fixed over 100,000 slices. Backed by scientific evidence from respected sources like Pinehurst Golf Academy and the Journal of Applied Sports Psychology, The Launch Deck is designed to improve swing path and increase ball height and distance.

Get yours now and see the difference it makes on the course!


The Straight Stick

Price: $139.00


Looking to elevate your golf game with precision and consistency? Look no further than The Straight Stick! This automatic swing trainer is designed to improve your core mechanics effortlessly, with just a few clicks a day. With adjustable features and audible feedback, you’ll see immediate results in your ball striking. Say goodbye to swing thoughts and hello to confident, autopilot swings.

Try The Straight Stick now and experience the difference!


Swing Fix Sequence by David Leadbetter

Price: $97.00


With David Leadbetter’s Swing Fix Sequence, you can say goodbye to your off-track backswing and hello to hitting perfect shots every time. This 10-minute training video will fix the #1 flaw in your swing and add distance to your drives with a simple tweak. Plus, with bonus videos and access to live coaching from Leadbetter himself, you’ll be on your way to dropping five strokes from your handicap.

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So why wait? It’s time to step up your golf game with Performance Golf US. Swing into success today!


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