Omaze UK – How It Works To Gift YOU Your Dream House

Omaze UK
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If you are a UK resident and want to give your luck a chance to win something special and life-changing, then the Million Pound House Draw is the one you can trust. A list with a large number of winners who have earned their fortune with the help of Omaze UK is eagerly waiting for you also to add your name to that list. You can easily win a prize worth millions with simple processing methods, like a luxury home or your dream car.



How Can You Become A Homeowner Overnight?


The news of the Million Pound House draws from Omaze UK has been welcomed with universal delight. You may enter to win a fantastic home worth over £2,500,000 plus £100,000 in cash to assist you in getting settled there. This charming home features five bedrooms, four of which have private bathrooms. It also comes with high-end furnishings and breathtaking views of nature.



Win A Magnificent Residence In The Lake District


The beautiful Lake District home, along with other fantastic Early Bird Prizes, might be yours. The more entries, the greater the odds of winning. Below are the ways that lead you to win your dream home.


Postal Entry

There is no need for any purchase for postal entry. Applicant must dispatch postal entry before the mentioned deadline. One postcard can only have one entry and be sent via first or second-class post.


Omaze UK Subscription

Below are the Omaze monthly subscription details which can be canceled at any time.


New Omaze UK £10/month

With the Omaze UK Subscription, you can begin with as little as £10 per month and make up to 30 entries in a single month.


New Omaze UK £25/month

With this subscription, you will have 80 entries in a month.


£50 Subscription

85 entries can be made with a £50 subscription in a month.


£150 Subscription

This subscription allows 320 entries a month and a big chance of winning.




  1. Legal citizens of the United Kingdom
  2. The age requirement for entry is at least 18
  3. Anyone who works for or is a director or officer of a Prize Draw Partner


What Is Omaze


On Omaze, anybody can participate and win incredible prizes while also helping worthy organizations. Omaze, a for-profit organization, collaborates with nonprofits to host online contests in which participants may win goods in return for making a financial contribution to the organization.

Explore to win your dream property


How Omaze Works For All


The average range for subscription prices is from £10 to £150, although people will subscribe to almost anything. There is no cap on the number of participants, and the more money they bring in, the more their charity partners will receive. Once the deadline for a draw ends, a winner is selected randomly from among the entries. The winner receives the prize, which may be a house, a car, cash, or another prize, depending on the specific sweepstakes.

Are you ready to get yours?? Sign up today!


Omaze UK – A Trusted Name In Charity



Omaze claims that 100% of the proceeds from each sweepstake go to charity, except for credit card processing fees. The company also states that it covers all of the costs associated with running the sweepstakes so that the charity can focus on its mission and not have to worry about the logistics of running a sweepstake.



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