Netflix Codes Lists – How To Access Secret TV Shows And Movies?

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Netflix codes have been a bit of a secret for a while, but once you know how to use them, accessing hidden movies and TV shows becomes easier than ever. Netflix codes are actually quite simple to use. All you need is the correct code, and then you can access all kinds of extra content that isn’t normally available on the regular homepage. Let’s take a closer look at how you can use Netflix codes to get some different movie and TV show options!



How To Access Secret Netflix Movies And Shows


To access secret movies on Netflix, simply enter one of the numerous available codes into the search bar. Different categories have different code numbers associated with them, so make sure to check out what type of content is offered before entering any unique number into the search box.

Some popular ones include vintage movies, animated films, and cult classics. Once you enter these numbers corresponding with your desired category, all sorts of new titles will appear that weren’t previously accessible from your original search results screen!



Access Netflix’s Hidden Content In Terms Of Genre


You can also access secret TV shows on Netflix by using specific codes associated with the genre or topic you’re looking for. For example, if you’re looking for comedy-related shows, try entering 6548 into the search box – this will bring up an array of all shows and series related specifically to comedy and fun! Other popular genres include documentaries (6839), horror (8711) as well as Action & Adventure (1365).

So no matter what kind of programming experience is desired – whether it’s old cartoons or modern-day sci-fi series, there’s something special hiding inside these networks’ libraries, just waiting to be discovered through clever coding techniques!



How Does It Work

Genres are the most important Netflix category codes to employ. With the URL below, you can easily access your favorite genre category.


For example, if you are searching for Animated movies and can’t find the film which you are looking for, type this in the address bar of your browser:




Netflix Codes List

Although more than 4000 codes are available to be searched on Netflix by all categories, here we will only include some of the codes of the most used genre, which will help you find your favorite movie in a few clicks.


S. No Category Secret Code
1. Anime 7424
2. Children & Family 783
3. Thrillers 8933
4. Music 1701
5. TV Shows 83
6. Comedies 6548
7. Action & Adventure 1365
8. Sci-fi & Fantasy 1492
9. Sports 4370
10. Romantic 8883
11. Documentaries 6839
12. Classic 31574
13. Horror 8711
14. Dramas 5763



Wrapping Up

Finally, if users want an even more comprehensive list, they should check out various resources online which have compiled multiple lists containing dozens upon dozens of unique numerical combinations used in order to unlock special types of content which you cannot find only by searching.



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