Why Fans Choose Kali Uchis ‘I Wish You Roses’ As Their Favorite Song?

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Kali Uchis has just released her new single, ‘I wish you roses’ and in less than two weeks, it has become a viral sensation online. Kali Uchis’s magical voice and the beautiful lyrics to the song are the reason why fans chose Kali Uchis ‘I Wish you Roses’ as their favorite song. Let’s review the meaning of the latest single by Kali Uchis and unearth some facts that will astound you.



Kali Uchis – A Magical Voice


The 2021 Grammy Award winner for Best Dance Recording Kali Uchis was born on July 17, 1994, in Virginia, U.S. Her real name is Karly-Marina Loaiza, and she is also a songwriter and an active social media influencer. Her career as a professional singer began in August 2012, and since then, she has had many English, and Latin hits across the world under her name.



Why Fans Love To Listen To ‘I Wish You Roses’

With many award nominations and single hits, Kali Uchis is everyone’s favorite. Her new song ‘I Wish you Roses’ was officially released on January 19, 2023. In her latest smash, she wished to offer her sweetheart beautiful flowers as a symbol of her undying affection and a desire for his/their future success. By knowing the meaning, you will know the reasons why fans chose Kali Uchis’ ‘I Wish you Roses’ as their favorite song.



Love Is Deep Like The Ocean

When she said, ‘My love’s deep as the ocean’ in her song, she clearly stated that her love is true and she will always love him. After that, she added ‘Don’t you drown on me’, which means you didn’t make it last as my love is pure. Just after that, she made her loved ones realize that they will always remember her because she gave them true and divine love.



Beautiful Flowers Might Bring Bee Stings

In another verse of her song, ‘I wish you roses,’ she warned of the risk of a bee sting that can come with lovely flowers, which means if you have a precious thing or a beautiful person in your life, it might harm you as well. So be safe while choosing anyone in your life as you pick flowers. It is a good lesson that she gave to the listeners through her song.



Want Her Back? Impossible!

In the last verse of her song, she sends a message to her ex that if he still misses her and wants her back in his life, the answer will be a big no because she cannot. She is rejecting the choice of doing so because she loves herself too highly to take the chance of being disrespected by getting back together with her ex.




The beautiful voice and heart-touching lyrics of the song make the fans love the new single of Kali Uchis. Even though Kali Uchis’s “Telepata” was ranked fifth on Billboard’s list of the top songs of 2021, her most recent success, “I wish you roses,” is on track to surpass it.


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