Most Beautiful Cities To Visit Around The World

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Someone said “Beauty is in the eyes of beholder” well, it’s true because beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Travelers around the world take many factors beautiful such as the size of the city, its unique architecture, greenery, the heritage, the historical-artistic set and many more. Below are listed the most beautiful cities to visit around the world and we bet you surely want to know why. Let’s check them out.


Most Beautiful Cities To Visit

Paris – France

Paris is called the City of Lights, the fashion capital and the city of Love.

Paris is famous for its unique architectural monuments and museums. There are monuments and buildings from every era in the city. There are more than 144 museums in the city according to the Convention and Visitors Bureau of Paris.

No matter if you love art, science, or history, or simply want to introduce these fields to your children, you can always find a museum to catch everyone’s field of interest. Paris is the place of most famous works of art to display in Paris. Also, art lovers from all over the world come to Paris for this purpose.

High fashion and trends have been created for centuries. Chanel, Saint Laurent, Vuitton, Dior, Hermès… These big names in the fashion world have all started in Paris.

Venice – Italy


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Is known as a “Floating City”. When you visit Venice, you will see that water is incorporated into the life of the city. Since, Venice is made up of 117 different islands. The most famous water-based landmark is the city’s Grand Canal lined with gorgeous and vibrant looking palaces. Plus, castles on both sides with a few breathtaking bridges built over it.

It is one of the most popular places to visit in Venice at night. In addition, enjoy the stunning sunset and roam the entire city by making a way out of the water.


New York United States Of America

Big lights will inspire you at Times Square, a famous entertainment center that attracts nearly 380,000 pedestrians on a daily basis. This commercial intersection is abuzz with flashing billboards, digital marquees, and buskers at any time of the day. Besides, New York indeed makes its name one of the most beautiful cities to visit. Each year, thousands of New Yorkers and tourists gather at Times Square to celebrate the New Year’s Eve Ball Drop, cheering as fireworks light up the sky. Also, between the neon-lit streets and the festivities at Times Square, New York City definitely earns its nickname as “The City That Never Sleeps!”


Sydney – Australia


The glorious Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge are not the only charms of this Australian city.
The magnificent beaches will ensure that your eyes never get bored. The art gallery of New South Wales and The Museum of Contemporary arts are two popular destinations for art lovers. Also, music enthusiasts can spend time at the Opera house or one of the free concerts.
Doesn’t matter what part of the world you are from, and what your interests are, Sydney will never disappoint you.


Amsterdam – Netherlands


This city is famous because of its amazing bars, museums and art galleries. The city is interconnected with hundreds of canals which popularly gives it the name of The Floating City.
Amsterdam can be best explored on bikes, scooters, or by a canal cruise. For the art lovers, The Van Gogh Museum is an amazing way to take a peek into the life and times of this renowned artist. While the Anne Frank house will tell you about the horrors of The World Wars in Europe. It’s amazing and gives you freedom and is one of the must-visit places in the world.

Kyoto – Japan



The cultural capital of Japan is known for its quaint surroundings, beautiful gardens and the slow pace at which life moves here. Kyoto’s free gardens are the most romantic spot in the town and become more scenic during the Cherry Blossom season. In addition, unlike Tokyo, you won’t find any tall buildings in Kyoto, this is the uniqueness of this city. This is the town of everything artistic and beautiful.
Surrounded by the mountains on three sides, Kyoto has some amazing hiking trails. Those who wish to give climbing a miss can instead explore the magical bamboo groves. Still, wondering why it’s one of the must-visit places in the world?

Now when you know the list of some beautiful places to visit on earth, you should not be looking for maps and asking for recommendations. Get going now.

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