Fill Up Your Life With Thrilling Experiences At Jochen Schweizer Arena DE

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If you are an adventure enthusiast, Jochen Schweizer Arena DE is for you. It is a place that provides you with different thrilling experiences like body flying, indoor surfing, and many others. Also, it has a restaurant “Schweizer’s Kitchen” that provides you with the ultimate dining experience. Its diverse range of adventurous experiences provides you with lasting memories. Jochen Schweizer Arena DE is a perfect place to enjoy with your family and friends. Join Jochen Schweizer Arena DE to refill your life with excitement. Read out this guide to find the best experiences for you.


Adventurous Experiences at Jochen Schweizer Arena DE

Body Flying For Children (2 Minutes)




This is the best way to learn skydiving for children. These indoor skydiving facilities are great for children. Jochen Schweizer Arena provides a safe environment to learn their first body flight. This flight is of a 2-minute duration under professional supervision. This experience requires 1.5 hours.

Try a thrilling body-flying adventure with Jochen Schweizer Arena!


Body Flying (2 Minutes)




Experiencing body flying is a dream come true for those who love to fly. Jochen Schweizer Arena provides you with a chance to learn body flying. You will be guided by a professional flight instructor. You will also get some equipment for your body flying experience. You will get an opportunity of 1 flight that will last 2 minutes each. This whole experience will end in 1.5 hours. You have to arrive 1 hour before your flight time at Jochen Schweizer Arena.

Experience the freedom of adventurous flights!


Candlelight Dinner Deluxe




Jochen Schweizer Arena offers you the finest dining facilities. It provides you with a great ambiance that makes your moments special. Enjoy dinner at this special location with your loved ones. Experience a delicious menu with a pleasant atmosphere. Plan your dinner at Jochen Schweizer Arena for a comfortable and luxurious experience.

Reserve your dinner at Jochen Schweizer Arena for unforgettable memories!


Indoor Surfing: 10 Card (Excl. Material)




It offers you 10 indoor surfing slots. Each surfing slot consists of 30 minutes each. You can book your slot with the button “Redeem voucher”. This voucher is applicable for 1 year after its redemption.

Dive into an adventurous experience!


Indoor Surfing: Advanced (Excl. Material)


This experience is for those who already have knowledge about indoor surfing. Your indoor surfing experience will be guided by an instructor. This amazing experience will take your surfing to a whole new level. This indoor surfing is 30 minutes long.

Try it to level up your Indoor surfing experience!


Jochen Schweizer Arena is a place that provides you with adventurous experiences. Its thrilling body flying and indoor surfing give you lasting memories. Book a thrilling experience now and make adventurous memories!

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