Transform Your Outdoor Space with Decorative Aggregates Review

Decorative aggregates
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Whether you’re envisioning a garden makeover or seeking the perfect finishing touch for your outdoor design project, Decorative Aggregates review is here to offer versatility and aesthetic appeal. With a wealth of experience in the field, these aggregates have adorned prestigious locations, from Buckingham Palace to the Chelsea Flower Show. Dive into the world of landscaping excellence through this insightful review.

With over 30 years of expertise, Decorative Aggregates stands as a reliable source for landscaping materials. The friendly team provides expert advice, ensuring customers make informed choices from their extensive range of gravels, slates, and aggregates. Nationwide delivery, from single bags to bulk loads, adds convenience.


Decorative Aggregates Review for Exploring Landscaping Excellence


Grey Slate Chippings 20mm

Price: From £126.14



Enhance your garden with the striking slate. This beautiful dark shade, with hints of golden tones, adds a contemporary and modern touch. The slate pieces are unique, some featuring small pieces of white quartz naturally embedded. Sourced directly from the quarry, a simple water rinse may be required to unveil the natural colour and beauty of the slate.

Transform your outdoor space today!


Polar White Marble Gravel 20mm

Price: From £151.69



This 20mm angular White Gravel adds a clean, contemporary touch with hints of cream. When sunlight hits, the stones sparkle and glisten, creating a modern finish ideal for pathways, borders, and flowerbeds. White Gravel complements other aggregates and slates as a versatile option, offering a striking contrast.

Buy it now!

Vegetable Topsoil

Price: From £132.00



Discover gardening excellence with Vegetable Topsoil, a premium fusion crafted for flourishing fruits and veggies. Ideal for raised beds, patches, borders, and allotments, this lush concoction of natural topsoil and organic goodness offers a gradual nutrient release for thriving greenery. Boasting a 50% topsoil to 50% organic compost ratio, this nutrient-packed blend is PAS100 certified for unrivalled quality.

Unearth gardening greatness with Vegetable Topsoil.


Slate Planters

Price: From £28.50



This is a unique alternative to traditional pots. Measuring around 300-400mm, these planters have the texture of rockery stone. Ideal for landscape designs, patios, or door displays, they add a natural finishing touch. Place them strategically to create a beautiful, organic effect, making it appear like the plants are growing from the rock.

Get this now for eye-catching displays!


Slate Walling

Price: From £183.4



Transform your wall with the elegance of Welsh Slate – hand-picked for timeless appeal and durability. These pieces, varying in size and boasting gorgeous grey tones, offer a striking alternative to concrete blocks. Low maintenance and weather-resistant, Slate Walling is perfect for retaining walls, simplifying the process with its riven face and textured finish.

Buy it now for a natural touch!

Decorative Aggregates review shows beautiful chippings, paddle stones, and bespoke monoliths perfect collection. Decorative aggregates excel in delivering landscaping solutions with a personalised touch. So, don’t wait anymore and buy it now!

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