DC Animated Movies in 2023: Batman, Justice League, RWBY, and more

2023 is shaping up to be a heck of a year for DC Animated Movies! If you’re a fan of the Caped Crusader, the Justice League, and even RWBY, then buckle your seatbelts ’cause there’s sure gonna be some thrilling rides coming your way.

Whether it’s an all-new escapade with classic characters or an innovative retelling of classic stories, DC has got something for everyone in the line-up this year. So make sure you check out what’s coming from DC Animated Movies in 2023 – they’ve got goodies galore!


DC Animated Movies in 2023: Get Ready for a Thrilling Year!


As the year 2023 begins, fans of DC animated movies have a lot to look forward to. Warner Bros. Animation is releasing some highly anticipated titles in the coming months – from Batman to Justice League and beyond – that will appeal to fans of all ages.



Batman: The Doom That Came to Gotham

On March 28, 2023, it’s time for Gotham to meet its doom! Batman is coming back – and this time, he’ll have to face the cosmic powers of H. P. Lovecraft… Thanks to The Doom That Came To Gotham movie, premiering on streaming platforms and Blu-ray then – based on Mike Mignola’s classic graphic novel set in the 1920s and featuring David Giuntoli as Batman (yes, you read that right!).



The Legion Of Super-Heroes

The “Legion of Superheroes” will assemble in theatres on February 7th, 2023! This DC Universe Animated movie, directed by Jeff Wamester and produced by Jim Krieg & Kimberly S Moreau under the supervision of Butch Lukic & Sam Register’s executive production, is about Kara Zor-El, who must join forces with the 31st century’s Legion Of Superheroes to take down the Dark Circle terrorist organization.



Justice League: Warworld

Ready your masks, sharpen your quivers, and arm yourself with justice – Justice League: Warworld is coming in August 2023! Join forces with heroes like Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow & more as they battle Mogul for control of the powerful object. Don’t miss this epic showdown worthy of its very own comic book issue – it’s time to bring justice to the world!



Justice League x RWBY

It’s time for a new chapter in the story of Justice League! In August 2023 (or possibly late 2023, depending on the release of Justice League x RWBY), fans can prepare their super-suit and join forces with heroes like Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow, and more. Justice League: Warworld will be the first movie set in DCAU’s interconnected Tomorrowverse featuring a whole new fight against evil mastermind Mogul as he attempts to take control of an immensely powerful object.


Get Ready for the Epic DC Animated Adventures of 2023!


Get ready to rev up your engines because DC Animated Movies in 2023 are approaching the finish line fast! We can expect incredible adventures and legendary battles from these blockbuster releases. Buckle up! Get ready for an epic year of DC animation in 2023 – where beloved characters return with wild new stories.


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