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Embark on a transformative journey at Inesem ES, where the pursuit of excellence merges seamlessly with education. Here, you’ll discover a pathway to a brighter future, with a diverse range of courses designed to unlock your full potential. Join a community of ambitious learners and embark on a journey of personal and professional growth, guided by experienced instructors and enriched by a cutting-edge curriculum. Your future begins here at Inesem ES.


Ignite Your Career with Inesem ES

Master in Digital Marketing

Duration: 1500H

Price: was €1795 now €1436


The rise of online commerce and information technologies has made digital marketing a basic component of any business strategy. Are you passionate about the online world? The Master in Digital Marketing will train you in an area with a high demand for qualified professionals to design and manage different digital marketing strategies toward a common goal.

Elevate your career with digital mastery!


Human Resources Management Course (University Degree + 8 ECTS Credits)

Duration: 200H

Price: was €260 now €221


The Human Resources Course prepares you to perform various functions within the field of human resources management such as the selection, training, and administration of personnel. You will be able to develop talent consultancies as well as improve the work environment of organizations and improve the motivation of workers in any department of an organization.

Enroll in the Human Resources Management Course at a discounted rate!


Master in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning

Duration: 1500H

Price: was €1795 now €1436


The Master Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning will provide you with the necessary knowledge so that you can get into AI, through its algorithms. As for Machine Learning, you will be able to carry out the extraction of the data structure. In the same way, you will carry out the application of chatbots and data science, while you will develop Deep learning and learn about IOT in the industry in Industry 4.0.

Don’t miss out on special offer!


Master of Continuing Training in Clinical Trial Monitoring and Pharmaceutical Development + 60 ECTS Credits

Duration: 1500H

Price: was €1970 now €1576


With a master’s degree in Clinical Trial Monitoring and Pharmaceutical Development, you will get the necessary tools to supervise the correct development of clinical trials, which will allow you to access positions in the pharmaceutical industry related to the monitoring and management of different types of clinical studies.

Enroll now with a discount!


Master in Cryptocurrencies: Blockchain, Fintech, Smart Contracts and Trading

Duration: 1500H

Price: was €1795 now €1436


The Master in Cryptocurrencies: Blockchain, Fintech, Smart Contracts, and Trading prepares you to obtain specialized knowledge in the different areas that underpin the financial activity of Fintech, to achieve an understanding of their operation, make investments in cryptocurrencies, carry out optimal taxation of your profits or train you to carry out your professional work within a Fintech.

Master the world of cryptocurrencies!


Transform your future with Inesem ES, where excellence meets education, and take the first step towards a brighter tomorrow!


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