How to Watch YouTube Videos without Ads

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Over the years, the number of YouTube ads has increased significantly as advertisers opt for YouTube to promote their products and services. YouTube is popularly used for streaming videos. However, the constant annoying. What’s more? They come in different types, such as banners, bumper ads, in-video ads, and ads you cannot skip. Since it is YouTube’s mainstream revenue from free users, ads are not going anywhere.

However, there are ways you can watch YouTube videos without ads. Listed below are # ways you can do so:

1: Sign Up for YouTube Premium

The most effective means to get rid of YouTube ads is through YouTube Premium. The subscription costs a few dollars only. You can see as many ad-free videos by paying for an individual or family plan. You will also get access to YouTube Music and YouTube Premium content. YouTube Premium works on both desktops and phones.

2: Install an Ad Blocking Software

Second, on the list, we have ad-blocking software that you can opt for to remove ads on YouTube. You need mobile versions of ad-blocking software to watch ad-free videos on your smartphone. For Android devices, you will have to download software compatible with Android. For iPhone, the software should be iOS-compatible.

However, you should know that ad-blocking software prevents you from using the native YouTube app as it doesn’t allow using third-party certificates for using secure connections.

3: Use a VPN

Virtual Private Network, commonly known as VPN, is a service that builds an encrypted tunnel between a remote server and a computer. This is best to hide your real location and make sure that ISP is unaware of what you do on the internet. VPN is also a good way to block ads. VPNs are effective if you want to hide your IP address, protect your privacy, and keep websites from tracking your activity.

Some other VPNs with effective adblocking features are CyberGhost, ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and Surfshark.

4: Get Adblock for YouTube

An ad blocker, as the name suggests, is an app that is created to detect and stop ads from displaying on web pages. An ad blocker scans all the elements that are similar to ads when a webpage is loading, and if they look like an ad, block them from displaying on the page. With an effective ad blocker, you can rest assured that your streaming experience and other activities on the browser remain commercial-free.

Adblock Plus is one of the best ad blockers you can use for regular web browsing. However, Adblock for YouTube is designed for blocking ads on streaming services. Using the n for YouTube extension can help you in blocking every type of advertising that YouTube places in the videos, such as pre-roll ads, popups, and banners. This extension functions using a filter list containing external ad sources. So, ads belonging to other than the listed sources will come through. However, it doesn’t take long to update it. Some other examples of Ad Blockers for YouTube are AdBlock, Stands, Ghostery, and Poper Blocker.

If you have had enough of YouTube ads, you can use the above ways to get rid of them.


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