Is It Possible To Get Hacked Through Instagram DM?

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Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms. The fast-growing social media has also caught the attention of cyber criminals owing to the massive number of users. Criminals mostly use phishing to steal personal accounts and identities. One negligent action from your end could get your account hacked.

Your account can get hacked through Instagram DM.

The most recent and known Instagram DM scam also uses a phishing message. Users get a DM on Instagram that is made to look like from Instagram. This message is a Copyright Notice that requires immediate action by the user, asking them to click on the provided link. When the user clicks on it, he gets redirected to a fake website. Entering any information received by the hacker puts your account at risk.

This type of phishing attack utilizes social engineering principles. If a user avoids giving any input and clicks on the link, it will terminate the account. This link will not take you to a Facebook-affiliated website and could be used to steal your personal information. Scammers and hackers rely on interactions with DMS they send to steal information or gain access to a profile. If you avoid interacting with the DMs other than reading them, your account is safe.

Can Replying to a DM Get Your Instagram Hacked?

Your account can be hacked by replying to an Instagram DM from a suspicious account. They can be potentially malicious, and when you interact with them, it increases your account to become compromised. These DMs get the user to give out information unknowingly so a hacker can access your account. Giving out information like your birthday, email ID, location, or alumni info can put your account at risk.

It is wise to ignore direct messages. Even if you do, see that you don’t give any personal information.

Tips to Avoid Getting Hacked on Instagram

Even though Instagram is for making friends and connections, you shouldn’t accept and respond to every direct message.

Don’t Click on Unknown Profile Links

Since phishing attacks are the most common choice of hackers, the best thing to do is avoid clicking on any link from an unknown Instagram profile. Such links are usually malicious and are sent to get information from you unknowingly or willingly. That information can be used to hack your account or even your banking accounts.

Links that you get from your friends are safe. However, there is also a possibility that the user’s account is hacked. So, you should confirm with the user before you open any link on Instagram. Other than these:

  • Do not give our personal information on DMs to unknown people
  • Avoid accepting DM requests from unknown or suspicious-looking profiles
  • Do not respond to strangers in your DMs
  • Report suspicious DMs and profiles

Enable Multi-factor Authentication

You can add a security layer to your password by enabling multi-factor authentication (MFA). This way, even if your account gets hacked, the hacker would have to work hard to get the OTP to access your Instagram account.

Always remember, Instagram never sends your DMs.


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