How to Search For the Right TikTok Hashtags To Get Viral

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Everyone is creating content nowadays. However, getting people to view it and engage with it is a different story. To get successful on TikTok, the most important thing is to find trending hashtags.

Users search them to find the latest content. This way, they know what is trending and help you get more views.

How do you find trending hashtags on TikTok? Head over to the Discover page, and find content such as trending videos, hashtags, sounds, and much more.

Here are a few valuable tips for you to find the best hashtag for your TikTok videos:

Find Your Target Audience

More than 20% of worldwide users use TikTok. Knowing your target audience will help you find the right hashtags to reach them. To define your target audience and know the right hashtags, start a regular search to find your community. For example, if you are an MUA, you search #beauty. You will find hashtags according to your niche.

Engage with the content you find, so TikTok responds to content you view, comment on, or like several times. It will start showing you more similar content as per your niche. Check out the hashtags on the videos of these popular videos. These are the trending hashtags you should use. It’s important to keep an eye on viral hashtags else your video will get lost in the hundreds of videos uploaded on TikTok.

Watch Your Competition

It’s important to observe what your competition is doing when you want to find trending hashtags. They would be creating and posting content similar to yours. If their video is performing well, seeing the hashtags they have used can also assist you in understanding the best way to promote your videos. Knowing the popular hashtags in your niche helps in knowing what is trending in your industry. You can learn search phrases your target audience uses to boost your reach.

Also, knowing what your rivals are up to lets you know what you should NOT do and the hashtags you should not be using.

Learn About the Hashtag Habits of Your Audience

See the hashtags your audience is using already. Get some inspiration from their videos. People like them would be utilizing and searching for the same phrases/words. For example, the foodies on TikTok tag their recipes and reviews with #foodtok and #foodtiktok. You will also come across hashtags according to cuisine. Getting into these existing communities could be great for boosting your reach.

So, try rummaging through your top followers’ videos and get some valuable hashtag inspiration.

Make Your Own Branded Hashtag

Even though it’s necessary to use existing hashtags, you can also create a branded hashtag of your own. It is a hashtag you come up with to promote a campaign, product, or brand. You can add it to your TikTok videos. The goal is that fans and followers start using your hashtag organically, and you get to have user-generated content. You can also arrange a proper contest to urge its use and popularity.

Use TikTok Search

Use the TikTok search feature to search your own keywords and see the trending hashtags in the category.

Follow the above tips to know the right hashtags and take your videos to the top!


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