How To Use Instagram Vs Reality Filters

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Instagram can be a great place for people to express themselves, but it’s important to remember that not everything is as it seems. We look at how to avoid getting manipulated by filters and alternative realities.



Instagram versus Real Life

Everyone these days on social media seems to be making an effort to look their best for the sake of attracting attention; some succeed in doing so and become “influencers”, while others remain in the background as fans or “followers” on social media platforms like Instagram. Filters are frequently used to achieve this effect. Filters are increasingly commonplace; you can even find them in your smartphone’s camera menu. As a result of using these filters, people’s views are blurred.



Instagram – An Amazing Photo-Sharing App

With over one billion active users, it’s no wonder Instagram has become one of the world’s most popular social media platforms. But what is it that draws people to Instagram?

It’s no surprise that many use the platform to share their lives with others or show off their own talents and skills – often through edited images or heavily filtered snaps. While these kinds of posts may look good on the surface, they don’t always reflect reality.



Contrasting Instagram with Real Life

The ‘Instagram vs. Reality’ phenomenon is an increasingly talked about topic. People are now more aware of how filters and editing can alter photos in a way that doesn’t necessarily represent reality – from smoothing out skin tones or features to boosting lighting levels and saturating colours for added impact. The problem is that this can have a damaging effect on us as viewers if we compare ourselves unfavourably with these images without understanding what has gone into creating them in the first place.



Who Introduced This Trend?


Cologne-based German photographer Geraldine West launched the photo series called “Instagram vs. Reality”. She compared and contrasted the Instagram presentation of an image with its normal presentation in daily life.

You obsessively go through the social media feeds of influencers, but when they actually appear in person, you have no idea who they are and wonder if you’ve seen them before.



The Modern World Has Yet Another Problem

The key here is moderation: social media should remain fun yet still provide accurate portrayals of our lives without any manipulation or illusion created by filtered photos and videos that misrepresent reality! Instead, challenge yourself by opting only for minimal editing when posting your own content – such as using natural lighting, keeping colours true-to-life, and avoiding overly airbrushed looks that distort how you really look! Doing so will help build self-confidence in yourself when looking at these posts and create an authentic connection with your followers too!



Take Away

It’s important to keep in mind that what we see on Instagram or other social platforms isn’t always real; it pays off greatly just by being conscious about what kind of content you put out there—both for yourself and others—in order to create a positive environment free from unrealistic expectations set by unrealistic standards created through photo filters!




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