Funny Stranger Things Memes That Summed Up The Show

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Stranger Things triggered a lot of emotions when it first launched in 2016, and since then, it has remained popular. Let’s look at some of the hilarious memes from the show but first, something about the show!



Things Are No Long Stranger With “Stranger Things”


The Netflix series “Stranger Things” quickly became a hit when it first premiered in 2016. The show follows the story of four young friends as they uncover an alternate universe filled with monsters, government conspiracies, and supernatural powers. It’s a thrilling coming-of-age series that has kept viewers hooked for three seasons and counting.



What Makes Stranger Things So Popular?


At its core, Stranger Things is an exciting and well-crafted story. The show keeps viewers on their toes with its mysterious plot twists and complex characters. Above all else, Stranger Things is incredibly entertaining and manages to balance horror, drama, comedy, and sci-fi elements in just the right way. Alongside its compelling narrative, Stranger Things has become popular because of its funny memes.


Memeful Moments of “Stranger Things”

Alongside its compelling narrative, Stranger Things has become popular because of its funny memes. The show’s iconic characters – Eleven, Dustin, Mike, and Lucas – are often the subject of these memes, which can be found on social media sites. Let’s check out these hilarious memes from “Stranger Things” fans.

1. The Upside Down Parallels: When you watch “Stranger Things,” you can’t help but think that the Upside Down is much like the real world (except for all the monsters). This meme perfectly captures this sentiment.



2. Dustin Has Everything Under Control: In Season 2, Dustin was given a pet baby Demogorgon whom he named D’Artagnan (or Dart for short). It is his mission to try and keep Dart contained while everyone else is dealing with larger problems – and this meme says it all.


3. Best Friends Forever: One of the best parts about “Stranger Things” is how strong each character’s friendship is – especially between Mike and Eleven. This meme showcases their bond perfectly, even if they have no idea what they are doing!


4. Steve Rocks Out: One of Steve’s defining traits is his confidence – even when facing a giant monster or faceless creature from another dimension. This meme brings out Steve’s swagger as he rocks out in front of an audience full of monsters


5. The Popularity Contest Winner: Jonathan Byers has had a rough time throughout both seasons; however, he always manages to rise above everything thrown at him – including Lucas’s ‘popularity’ jibes! This meme sums up Jonathan as one tough cookie quite nicely!


6. Will Is Not Impressed: Will Byers often finds himself being dragged along on various adventures with his friends; however, they need to match up to his experience in Upside Down! As this picture shows, nothing can top spending time there, even with your friends!


Wrapping Up The Show


The memes discussed here scratch the surface regarding all those funny moments on “Stranger Things”. From all its humor and heartwarming moments to its creepy suspense-filled scenes –”Stranger Things” has something for everyone. So why don’t you go ahead and rewatch some episodes or create your funny memes inspired by “Stranger Things”?



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