How to Dress For the Rain More Fashionably

Constant damp and rainy weather can be a mood kill. And those more into dressing up stylishly are often in a dilemma regarding their outfits during rain. And those who aren’t prepared are in for an ensemble disaster in the public.

There are some great options available for you when it comes to dressing for the rain. Here are some valuable tips for you so you can dress according to the weather and stay in fashion.

Smart Trench Coat

Having a smart trench coat, waterproof, of course, will not only protect you from the rainy weather but keep you warm and make you look stylish. Usually, once it rains, it becomes chilly. Get yourself at least a pair of trench coats of different cuts and colors. Look for a knee-length or longer trench coat.

Pop of Color

Focus on the colors. Avoid those that will become sheer or transparent once wet. It is best to wear dark-colored articles to avoid stains also they help in covering up the body properly. But at the same time, see your outfit as some pop of color like a bright pink or yellow umbrella, or a floral jacket. Go for anything to liven up the gloomy weather. Use your most vibrant stuff from your wardrobe, experiment with color blocking, and viola!

Waterproof and Sturdy Materials

All fabrics do not offer sufficient protection against wet or cold weather. It is best to invest in materials that are water-resistant or dry quickly if get wet. Silk, wool, and synthetic fabrics are a few examples of water-resistant fabric materials.

Cute and Colorful Boots

Get rid of those awful clunky rain boots. You can easily level up your outfit with a pair of eye-catching pair of boots. They can be used to complement an outfit. Avoid the regular camel or black color. As said above, add some pop of color, and pick a unique color as a statement piece.

Waterproof and Jelly Accessories

These are a must. Different types of PVC are used in creating jelly accessories or clothing. You can get accessories, shoes, and jewelry made of these materials. They are easy to clean and complete your look. Speaking of waterproofing, do get a waterproof bag to put away your important stuff and prevent it from getting wet.

A Cute Umbrella

From plain to transparent to floral to plaid, you have endless options when it comes to getting an umbrella. Even though it’s a necessity, it doesn’t have to be boring. Your umbrella is your best friend during the rain. Get yourself a good size and quality umbrella that completes your look for the rainy day and keeps you dry as well.

Dress in Layers 

Rain brings along with it a change in temperate. It might get chilly or it might get hot. So, work on dressing up in layers. If it gets chilly, you can wear a non-bulky hoodie underneath your dress. Also if you want to look sharp, you can don a blazer or an oversize coat over your sweats, and level up your look.

Try out these ideas while deciding on what to wear on a rainy day!

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