Good Movies To Watch With Your Boyfriend

movies to watch with your boyfriend
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Home movies dates are one of the best ways to spend time with your boyfriend. Many times couples don’t dig out time to do activities together. Movies are one of those activities which do not require a lot of work to plan and execute. There are millions of movies to watch but good movies to watch with your boyfriend are not easy to find.

These are some of the best movies to spend some quality time with your boyfriends.


Kissing Booth Good Movies To Watch With Your Boyfriend

Elle and Noah in _The Kissing Booth 3._


A cute romantic comedy which is among young teenagers. This movie is perfect for high-school couples who are bored with their school assignments. If you are one of those girlfriends who are looking for drama and love, then this is a good movie to pass some good time with your boyfriend.


Don’t Breathe A Thrilling Movie

Good Movies To Watch With Your Boyfriend


If you and your boyfriend are someone who enjoys horror and thriller movie then don’t breathe is made for you. A great movie in which three trouble makers enter a house of a wealthy man to take away his wealth. The movie is filled with some thrilling scenes which will make you jump out of your seat.


Five Feet Apart



If you are looking for some touchy and emotional movie that moves you then five feet apart is a great movie. This movie explains the consequences of two people with a life-threatening disease. Both of them have cystic fibrosis and they are not allowed to be close as this disease can make more problems to their life.


Midnight Sun

 "Midnight Sun"


A different rom-com movie. A young girl who has a skin disease. This disease does not let her travel in daylight. Once the sun goes down her guitar comes out. She sings for these travelers at night. There she meets this guy who makes her fall in love.


Me Before You



A cute movie to watch on a Saturday night with your boyfriend. Louisiana is jobless and she is looking for work. She finally finds work to take care of a paralyzed man with help of someone special. They both quickly bond and find affection for each other.


Watch Holidate |


A different movie from the rest of the romantic comedies. Two single who are bored with relationships. Plan on something different. They plan and agree to meet only on the Christmas holidays and never to develop feelings for each other but somehow things do not go according to their plan. Find out more by watching this movie.


Friends With Benefits



A good movie with a twist. Two single who happen to work together and end up sleeping together. This jeopardizes their work relation and friendship so in order to avoid they make this pack be friends with benefits. They do not consider themselves as boyfriend or girlfriend but with time they both develop feelings for each other which makes this more complex.

There are many good movies to watch with your boyfriend but these are some of the most perfect ones which will make your evening interesting and happening.


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