Hilarious Men’s 80s Prom Outfits That Will Make You ROFL

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Have you ever seen something closely related to fashion that you really like but cannot do because it also seems odd to you? What a decade for fashion! It’s time to go into the past and experience the pinnacle of style set by the generation of the 1980s. Get ready to have a good time as we look back at some of the hilarious men’s prom outfits from the `80s, which will make you ROFL!





The ’80s People Have a Good Eye for Style



The 1980s were well known for their over-the-top fashion, and this extended to men’s prom outfits. From shoulder pads and spandex to jewelled tuxedos and bow ties, there was no end to what one could get away with when it came to dressing up for prom night. Although these styles may not be in fashion today, they can still provide a few laughs when looking back at them.


Shorts and Suspenders




One of the most iconic wedding looks of the 80s was small shorts and suspenders. This ensemble was often seen on the red carpet, but it also made its way into many young men’s closets for their big night out. While its modern version has been toned down (thank goodness), it certainly caused quite a stir in its original form.



Tuxedo Trousers


Another popular style in menswear during this decade was the high-rise tuxedo trousers which were either cuffed at the leg or had extra pleats added instead of cuffing them like normal trousers would be done today. This style, combined with brightly coloured shirts or flashy jewellery, definitely gave people something to talk about (not necessarily all positive). In addition, some lucky fellas got away with wearing bright colours such as vibrant red or shocking pink on their special night – though this trend wasn’t quite as common then as it is now, which is probably just fine by everyone involved!



Bow Tie And Cummerbund Set


Those men who wanted something even more extravagant than what was mentioned above could opt for an entirely sequined suit complete with matching bow tie and cummerbund set. This outrageous look attempted to minimise any attention being drawn elsewhere by ensuring that all eyes were fixed squarely upon them – whether they wanted that kind of attention or not!






Finally, let’s not forget about those brave souls who decided that accessorising their ensemble with sunglasses was an acceptable choice – day or night! Though notable celebrities such as Michael Jackson pulled off this look effortlessly throughout his career, it didn’t always work out so well for other folks trying to pull off what seemed like an effortless fashion statement from him.




What a Crazy Trend


All in all, some of these styles were far too much for even our wildest imaginations – but hey – that’s why we still find ourselves laughing and marvelling at them today! Whether you’re thinking about bringing back any nostalgic trends from decades past or looking ahead toward more current fashions, everyone can agree on one thing – less is usually more when it comes time to choose your perfect prom outfit unless you enjoy ROFL here.



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