Experience Pure Luxury with Scentme DE Designer Scents!

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Are you tired of using the same old detergent that leaves your clothes smelling like chemicals? Say goodbye to harsh, artificial scents and hello to pure, sustainable purity in your favorite scent with Scentme DE. Their revolutionary detergent offers a unique experience for your senses, leaving your clothes smelling as exclusive as your favorite perfume. With eight designer scents to choose from, you can now elevate your laundry game and make it a luxurious experience.


Upgrade Your Wash, Upgrade Your Day with Scentme DE

Bottled Luck

Price: €11,90


Indulge in Bottled Luck, an exotic fragrance for winners and fortune seekers. With a 2.5 out of 7 intensity, it’s perfect for those who appreciate subtle elegance. Top notes feature Bergamot Sicily, Eucalyptus, Sea Notes, Petitgrain Spain, and Lemon Italy, while heart notes include anise star, lily of the valley, orange blossom from Seville, rose France, and a water effect. The woody base combines amber wood, sandalwood, vanilla Madagascar, and white musk.

Don’t miss this chance to experience luck with bottled luck!


Together Forever

Price: €11.90


Discover ‘Together Forever,’ a unisex fragrance with a moderate intensity of 3.5 out of 7. This pack of 14 pods features a timeless blend of Hesperide Musque, including top notes of bergamot, petitgrain, and lemon, heart notes of muguet, lavender, and orange blossom, and base notes of ambergris, musk, and patchouli. A fruity yet bitter scent, it’s a lasting declaration of love. Embrace the warm heart of lavender surrounded by noble citrus notes and a sensual base for an unforgettable daily experience.

Feel the love every day with Together Forever – get your pack now!


Green Fougère

Price: €11,90


The Green Fougère fragrance is the perfect choice for urban men who want to stand out from the crowd. With a masculine and intense scent direction, this fragrance is inspired by Versailles and offers a blend of aromatic ferns that will transport you to 1000 green gardens. The top notes include Bergamot Sicily, Mediterranean pine, mint, and sagebrush, while the heart notes offer a refreshing mix of aquatic and floral scents.

Experience the sophistication of Green Fougère now!


White Rose

Price: €11,90


This beautiful scent is designed for women who embrace their femininity and sensuality. With a subtle to normal intensity level, it exudes a delicate floral bouquet of Wardia rose, geranium bourbon, and violet. The freshness of Messina lemon is perfectly balanced with the warmth of ambergris and white musk.

Indulge in the limitless sensuality of White Rose today!



Price: €11.90


Elevate your senses with Everything — the perfect combination of floral fragrances with hints of fruitiness that will enchant everyone around you! Its top notes consist of aquatic essence, tangy cassis, and zesty lemon, creating a stimulating scent experience at the first whiff! Then, its heart flatters you even more as you are exposed to heady florals like the jasmine-muguet-rose trio, which wraps you in its enticing embrace before finishing off with triumphant Musk Santal!

Experience enchantment with Everything — a captivating blend of floral and fruity notes!


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