Get Nutritious Food For Your Dogs & Cats At BellaAndDuke UK

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BellaAndDuke UK offers flavourful and nutritious meals for pets. When your pets enjoy delicious and healthy meals, it makes them happy and healthy. BellaAndDuke UK comes with a range of meals for cats and dogs. They have different meals that fulfill the dietary needs of your pets. BellaAndDuke UK meals are prepared with high-quality ingredients to meet all the safety standards. Below are some of the meals for dogs and cats by BellaAndDuke UK. Find the perfect meals for your dogs and cats and provide them with a healthy diet.


Dog & Cat Food By BellaAndDuke UK

Tremendous Beef Tripe | Complete | Premium Adult

From £2.87 per tub


Want to maintain the good health of your dog, buy Tremendous Beef Tripe for his active lifestyle. Tremendous Beef Tripe delivers a nutritious meal for dogs. It provides complete and balanced nutrition for your dog. Tremendous Beef Tripe is essential for a dog’s overall well-being. It is made up of good quality ingredients that make it highly nutritious. It caters to all the nutritional requirements of adult dogs.

Having Tremendous Beef Tripe is a joyous experience for your dog!


Silky Coat Salmon With Beef & Turkey | Working Dog Puppy

From £2.31 per tub

Silky Coat Salmon With Beef and turkey is the ultimate meal for your working dog puppy. This meal delivers a balanced nutrition that fulfills their nutritional requirements. Packed with good quality ingredients, it is essential for optimal growth of your dog. Eating this healthy meal makes your dog active. Choose a dog food that supports their overall well-being.

Maintain your working dog puppy health with Silky Coat Salmon With Beef & Turkey!


Tempting Turkey with Rabbit and Beef | Cat Food

From £3.38 per tub

This nutritious food is high in protein which ensures the well-being of your cat. It is a complete and balanced nutrition that also aids in a healthy digestive system. Combined with turkey, rabbit, and beef adds versatility to a cat’s meal. All these ingredients make an irresistible taste so your cat will eagerly wait for food. You can feed this food to all life stages of cats for their optimal growth and maintenance.

Treat your cats with irresistible ingredients!


Lip Lickin’ Chicken & Salmon | Cat Food

From £3.38 per tub

Lip Lickin’ Chicken & Salmon is the ultimate solution for a cat’s meal. Every cat loves the chicken and salmon combination. Its ingredients make it a highly nutritious food that is essential for cats’ health. Your cat will enjoy delicious food with a variety of textures. Being enriched with essential nutrition improves the cat’s overall health.

Choose a healthy meal for your cats to make them happy!

BellaAndDuke UK provides reliable pet care meals that make your pet happy and healthier. These meals are necessary for the growth and maintenance of their pet. Explore the world of BellaAndDuke UK and find nutritious foods for dogs and cats!


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