Does Justin Bieber Have a Hollywood star?

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Actors, musicians, and artists have a chance to achieve the remarkable reward of the Hollywood Walk of Fame. This is often referred to as the “sidewalk universe.” This landmark possesses over 2,690 stars bearing the names of highly recognized icons. Among these talented artists, many famous still did not get a chance to possess the Hollywood star. One of them might be Justin Bieber. In this blog, we will look at it closely.



Journey of Bieber

The journey of Justin Bieber starts in a small town. He had a guitar in his hands. The charisma was undeniable. Later, he became a global pop sensation. His work has been amazing since he started. His fans are often called “Beliebers.” It shows the dedication they have for Justin Bieber.



The Phenomenal Rise

Getting fame through YouTube, the 13-year-old boy was making his debut in singing. He rose as a pop star and achieved international success. His sold-out tours and chart-topping were indicating his success. Millions of fans worldwide cherish Justin Bieber for his art. Yet there is no sign of him in Hollywood. This looks a little unfair. But getting the Walk of Fame has criteria to be fulfilled.


Making the Journey to the Walk of Fame

Possessing the Hollywood star required to have a remarkable career, which Justin Bieber has, his songs are a treat to the ears. Having a start and the iconic walkway can recognize his talent to the fullest. He is popular, and the star holds great prominence for celebrities. But Justin Bieber does not have the star. But his fans think that he should have one.


The Buzz and Controversy

Many argue that Justin Bieber did not make a huge impact on the industry. His talent is good, but other singers are way ahead of him and have dominated the industry. But his debut album, “My World,” was astonishing and dominated the airwaves many years ago. He was also nominated multiple times at the Grammys. He also has a documentary highlighting his journey to stardom. But he did not get the credits from the Hall of Fame.


Just a Teen Sensation?

The critics also said that Justin Bieber was just a teen sensation and nothing more. To become the blooming star on the Walk of Fame, one has to make an impact outside the entertainment world as well. This thing is missing with Justin Bieber. He does not address ongoing issues. Instead, he had often found himself in different controversies. However, his dedication to work does not raise any questions.



The path to success was remarkable for Justin Bieber. His fans are worldwide. He has enormous support. The dedication he has is remarkable. He gives many debuts to his fans. He is cherished for his personality. He was nominated many times and won a Grammy Award. Beliebers are eagerly waiting for his appearance on the Walk of Fame.


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