Take Your Cleaning Game To Another Level With IdealClean DE Review

IdealClean DE review
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For more than 10 years, IdealClean DE has been reliably supplying their customers with everything from the waste container to the wiping system, with cleaning agents and hygiene requirements from professionals.

The online shop is divided into categories so that you can quickly find the most efficient cleaning agent. At idealclean.de, you will find the right product, and you can order it easily and conveniently online. So, without further ado, let’s get started with the IdealClean DE review.


IdealClean DE Review | Finest Quality Cleaning Products

Packaging bucket PE 5

Price: was €2.24 now €2.01 save €0.23


The stable packaging bucket can be used in a variety of ways in the home, industry, or gastronomy. The PE round packing bucket is made of high-quality PVC material and has a capacity of 5L. The lid, which is also made of plastic, hermetically seals the bucket and prevents the ingress or egress of odors, dirt, and moisture. Moreover, the bucket is equipped with a stable metal bracket. Thanks to its smooth surface, the packaging bucket is easy to clean.

Perfect buckets for all your work, leisure, and household needs!


Med Comfort apron

Price: was €5,11 now €4,59 save €0.52

Med Comfort apron for food processing as well as care and cleaning companies. The apron from Med Comfort is made of 30 my strong, blue polyethylene. The material has a smooth surface and is very robust and waterproof. Men and women can wear disposable apron.

Let your apron be your superpower during the cleaning hour.


Vermop wet mopping set Mini Aquva

Price: was €18.42 now €16.58 save €1.84


The Vermop wet mopping set Mini Aquva is handy for cleaning hard floors. The Vermop wet mopping set Mini Aquva consists of a bucket with a press basket, a cotton wiper, and a mop without a handle. Due to its compact and handy format, this set can clean small areas and narrow spaces very well.

Have this set now and mop your way to a sparkling clean floor!


Jug brush 19 cm white

Price: €4.41


Water squeegee metal is extra stable for safe mobile cleaning. Water squeegee metal extra stable is the ideal companion for the daily cleaning of all smooth surfaces. Clean and reliable dirt removal in one easy application. With extra stability for a variety of flexible uses.

Clean away the dirt, and let your floors shine.


Vileda Der Feine green size XL

Price: was €1.76 now €1.58 save €0.18


Vileda Der Feine is a natural latex and reusable glove. This is up to 40% thicker than other gloves of this type. The reusable gloves are available in the Quattro 4 color system for maximum security in complying with hygiene measures. Moreover, the inner flocking made of pure cotton ensures a high level of comfort and reduces latex allergens.

Keep your hands safe, and wear gloves!


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