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Missing the joy of getting lost in a good book? Let’s face it, reading takes time and effort. And who has extra time these days? Enter Audible IT Review – your ticket to experiencing books in a whole new way. No more squinting at tiny font or straining your eyes, just sit back and listen as an expert narrator brings your favorite stories to life. With over 400,000 titles available, from books to podcasts to stand-up comedy, Audible IT has something for every taste. Plus, the personal touch of hearing stories from the narrator’s voice adds an authentic element that you just can’t get from reading alone. Also, you can cancel Audible membership anytime.


Revolutionize Your Reading Experience with Audible IT Review


Aunt Evelina’s legacy. Crimes in the Langhe

Price: €12.95



Get ready for a riveting read with Aunt Evelina’s Legacy. Follow Maria as she navigates through family secrets, a new investigation, and an unexpected inheritance. With witty banter, intriguing mysteries, and an iconic Italian setting, this mystery novel will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Don’t miss out on this must-read from acclaimed author Maria Teresa Valle.


The tracks of the wolf – The second investigation by Maria Viani

Price: €12.95



Maria Viani is a retired biologist and crime novel enthusiast. Join her in a thrilling quest to uncover the truth behind an absurd crime that interrupts her excursion with nephew Walter in search of the Apennine wolf. Collaborating with a lawyer and her good friend Brigadier Croce, she delves into the victim’s life for answers. Written by successful mystery writer Maria Teresa Valle, this book promises a Nero Wolfe-style ending that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Don’t miss out on this riveting read!


Harry Potter: The Complete Saga

Price: €211.00



Experience the magic and adventure of “Harry Potter” like never before with the complete saga available now as an audiobook download. Immerse yourself in all seven books, narrated by the talented Francesco Pannofino, known for his iconic roles in Italian film and television. Don’t miss your chance to relive this beloved series with stunning covers by Olly Moss.

Get it now for the adventurous journey to Hogwarts!


Sleepless nights

Price: €10.95



Transport yourself to the magical nights of Petersburg in May and June with this enchanting product, Sleepless Nights. Lose yourself in the daydreams and fervent imaginations of a young man who meets a mysterious woman on the banks of a canal, leading to a wonderful adventure. Inspired by White Nights and brought to life by Luchino Visconti’s film, experience this evanescent world through the eyes of Marcello Mastroianni.

Don’t miss out on this dreamy journey – get your hands on Sleepless Nights today!


Ask well and it will be given to you

Price: €12.95



Transform your negative thoughts into positive solutions with ‘Ask Well and It Will Be Given To You.’ Author Paolo Borzacchiello, a linguistic intelligence expert, reveals the power of asking the right questions. Discover how to change your reality and find true happiness by simply changing your perspective.

Don’t wait, start asking today!


With Audible IT Review, you’ll never be without a good book again.

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