Conte Cane e Gatto IT: Affordable, All-Inclusive Pet Insurance

conte Cane e Gatto IT

Tired of spending a fortune on unexpected vet bills for your furry friend? Say goodbye to pricey vet visits with Conte Cane e Gatto IT insurance! Their complete policy covers all your pet’s medical expenses and damages to third parties. But that’s not all… Are you worried about what would happen if you had to cancel a trip because of your pet? With Conte Cane e Gatto IT, you can put those worries to rest! Their policy also includes trip cancellation coverage and extends your stay in case of unforeseen events. How awesome is that?

Secure Your Furry Friend’s Future with Conte Cane e Gatto IT

Pet Insurance

Price: €299/year


This pet insurance protects your furry friend’s health without breaking the bank! With coverage up to €2,000 for surgery-related expenses and €500 for non-surgical treatments, you can rest easy knowing your pet’s medical needs are covered. Don’t let unexpected vet bills catch you off guard – ensure their well-being with Conte Cane e Gatto IT.

Get covered today!


Veterinary Visit Coverage

Price: €99/year


Say goodbye to the stress of unexpected vet bills with Conte Cane e Gatto IT Veterinary Visit Coverage. With this comprehensive coverage, your furry friend’s routine care is taken care of – from fees and exams to diagnostic tests – for up to €150 annually. This means no more worrying about expensive vet visits and more time enjoying quality moments with your beloved pet.

Protect your furry family member today!


Emergency Vet Assistance

Price: €79/year


Emergency Vet Assistance is reliable help during pet emergencies. With 24/7 access to veterinary phone advice, you can get immediate guidance for your furry friend’s injuries or sudden illness. The Operations Center is just a call away, providing crucial information quickly and effectively. Plus, this service is also available for non-emergency situations at any time.

Ensure your pet’s health and safety today with Emergency Vet Assistance from Conte Cane e Gatto IT!


Comprehensive Pet Support

Price: €149/year


Don’t let the worries of pet ownership weigh you down. With Conte Cane e Gatto IT’s Comprehensive Pet Support, rest assured that your furry friend is covered in case of any unexpected events. They’ve covered you, from search costs of up to €1,000 for a missing puppy to boarding or pet-sitting expenses of up to €50/day for 6 days during hospitalization. Plus, receive funeral expense coverage of up to €75 and psychological support with up to 5 specialist sessions.

Give your pet the best care with peace of mind. Order now!


Civil Liability Insurance

Price: €99/year


Protect your pockets and playtime with Conte Cane e Gatto IT’s Civil Liability Insurance for pets. Never worry about your furry friend causing damage to others’ property, people, or animals again – they’ve got you covered up to €500,000! Even temporary caretakers are included in this comprehensive coverage. Remember: €150 deductible per claim (€250 for specific breeds).

Get covered now!


So why settle for anything less? Switch to Conte Cane e Gatto IT today and experience a whole new level of peace of mind when it comes to insuring your pet.

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