32 Best Would You Rather Questions that you love to ask

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Questions are always a good way to know another person. A game like this can make the other person perfect. There are many types of questions, but if you want to know someone, ‘Would You Rather Questions’ are excellent.

You can ask a person whatever you feel like, and this is how they can be more open. Let us shares some of the best would you rather questions.




  1. Would you rather prefer to go into your past and meet your ancestor, or would you be more excited to go in the future and meet your great-grandchildren?
  2. Would you rather like more money or life?
  3. Would you rather like to have a rewind button?
  4. Would you rather like to talk in foreign languages or talk to animals?
  5. Would you rather prefer winning a trophy or living two lives?
  6. Would you feel bad if no one showed up at your marriage or funeral?
  7. Would you rather be without internet or a smartphone for a week?
  8. Would you rather like to meet George Washington or the current president?
  9. Would you rather prefer losing eyesight or hearing?
  10. Would you rather work more hours per day but fewer days or work fewer hours per day but more days?
  11. Would you rather listen to music from past or current music?
  12. Would you rather live like someone else, or would you rather live the way you are?
  13. Would you rather be Superman or Batman?
  14. Would you rather like to stick in a broken elevator or a ski lift?
  15. For your birthday, would you rather receive cash or gifts?
  16. Would you rather go to a movie or dinner on your first date?
  17. Would you rather prefer to say everything on your mind or stay silent?
  18. Would you rather wake up in the morning or sleep till evening?
  19. Would you rather read a fantastic book or watch a good movie?
  20. Would you rather prefer the most popular kid in school or choose to be the smartest?
  21. Would you rather stop a war or put to hunger worldwide?
  22. Would you rather spend the night in a luxury hotel room or camping surrounded by beautiful scenery?
  23. Would you rather prefer swimming or snorkeling?
  24. Would you rather eat French fries or mayo garlic French fries?
  25. Would you rather like to be a kid your whole life or be an adult?
  26. Would you rather prefer to spend time with friends or your wife?
  27. Would you rather lose your car keys or mobile phone?
  28. Would you rather eat burgers or pasta?
  29. Would you rather like to have physical power or mental power?
  30. Would you rather work in a group or work alone?
  31. Would you rather be stuck on an island alone or with someone who talks incessantly?
  32. Would you rather prefer cold weather or hot weather?

Would you rather question the best way to learn about people.  These are some of the best would you rather questions that make the game night more enjoyable.


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