40 Best Truth Or Dare Questions You Should Know

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Truth or Dare is the oldest crazy game, which generations have played. The game goes with a simple question truth or dare?  If you want to know your friend, family, and strangers, then play truth or dare. This is one of a kind of game that can be as crazy as you want to make it. It would help if you had a bottle to spin and a circle of friends to play with.  If you want to know the best truth or dare questions, then this is the right place you have come to.


Best Truth Or Dare Questions




Straight Forward Questions

1. What was the last lie you told?

2. The most embarrassing thing you did on a date?

3. Have you hit someone with a car?

4. Have you ever pretended to be someone? Name him?

5. What is the most irritating nickname you ever had?

6. Did you ever have a physically painful experience?

7. Which city do you wish to see?

8. Did you ever do something crazy on public transportation?

9. If a genie pops up right now, what would be your three wishes?

10. If you had a chance to appoint the president of the USA, whose name would you write?


Be More Open About Your Questions



12. Did you ever have the worst kiss?

13. What is one thing you would do if you knew there were no consequences?

14. The craziest thing you did in front of a mirror?

 15. What is the one subject you hate the most?

16. What is something you wish to do with friends but are shy about doing with your partner?

 17. Are you jealous of someone? Name him/her?

18. What is your favorite pajama color?

19. Have you ever faked death to get out of a dull party?


Tell Us About Your Habits

20. How many people have you dated?

21. How many selfies do you take today? Give a number?

22. Meatloaf says he would do anything for love, but he will not do “that.” What is your “that?”

23. How many times a week do you wear the same pants?

24. If you get a chance to date your high school crush, would you?

25. What is your favorite school memory?

26. Do you believe in superstitions?

27. A movie you only watch alone?

 28. What’s your most irritating habit?

29. When did you apologize last?


Fun Facts Questions

30. What do you think about the twilight saga?

31. Where do most of your embarrassing odors come from?

32. Do you prefer cheating or sincerity?

33. Do you wish to have affairs with relationships?

34. Mayonnaise or ketchup, which is your favorite sauce?

35. Did you ever peed in a pool?

36. What’s the last thing you remember about college?

37. What’s the dirty thing that you do alone?

38. Have you ever used your physical power on a coworker?

39. What’s your favorite song?

40. Plastic surgery or stay natural?

The best truth or dare questions never end. You can come up with as many as you want too.

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