Which Emily In Paris Look You Want To Have?

Emily In Paris Look You Want To Have

All dramas are made with utmost determination and hard work but some dramas are exceptional that decades go by they still have a reflection on you. Emily in pairs is one of those dramas. This drama is filmed in pairs. A young marketing executive gets an opportunity to work with a sister Concern Company for a year.

The drama shows some of the best fashion sense of all time. People are crazy about Emily’s sense of style clothing in this show. Let’s look at Emily in Paris look you want to have

We bring you 5 Emily’s dresses that will help you for any occasion.


The Perfect Check Coat Emily In Paris Look You Want To Have

Emily In Paris Look You Want To Have


The perfect check coat for your daytime meetings will make you look professional and stylish. Wearing this dress comes with a stylish small belt purse in which you can carry your mobile and other valuables. The red hat sums up the dress theme perfectly. Red and black always go hand in hand. Try this look to look amazing.


The Lunch Date



A nice dress on a summer eve. Comes in a beautiful digital texture of flowers that resemble summers. It is shoulder open which makes you look ravishing. Carry a big bag with it which will compliment you and your dress perfectly on a lunch date.


The Day Event


One of the sleekest dresses on the show. A lovely long coat that has a wonderful digital texture with a nice white dress on the inside. Cover your hair with a matching scarf so you can save yourself from the heat. Perfect off-white heals which make you save your hands with heat wear matching white gloves. The total combination of this dress will make you start the daytime event. It is perfect to wear to any summer lunch. You and your dress will be 10 on 10 for glamour.


The Important Meeting


If you are looking for a perfect meeting dress then this dress is all you are looking for, a nice blue and white combination dress which comes with a stylish coat. The coat gives a good compliment to the dress that you will look amazing at the meeting. Open your hair to look more dedicated to the meeting.


Crazy For Hats

Emily in paris


A daytime outfit to meet your friends for lunch. A stylish yellow-green jacket with a cute yellow color hat and yellow gloves to make it on the top a nice stylish yellow bag. Also, a great matching outfit to meet your friends at lunch. Plus, this beautiful dress will make you stunning at the lunch gathering.

Emily in pairs is the perfect show to learn some fashion sense. All dresses that had been shown on the show look amazing. Check Emily in Paris look you want to have right now and try out something new for your lunch or dinner date.

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