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Weight Watchers DE

In the Weight Watchers DE app, you will find over 14,000 recipes and inspiration for healthy eating. As a member, you have access to all recipes in the WW app, you can adapt them to your preferences, save them and search for new ideas. Whether vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, breakfast, lunch, or dinner – at Weight Watchers DE you will find recipes for every taste and every occasion.


Weight Watchers DE | Get Your Personal Nutrition Plan


They know what is important when it comes to losing weight


Get to know their Weight Watchers experts. They ensure that their weight loss program is always based on the latest findings in nutritional science and behavioral research.


Get a plan tailored to you


One-size-fits-all programs won’t get you any closer to your goal, but a personalized plan will. After signing up for Weight Watchers, they’ll ask you to answer a few questions about yourself so they can assess your metabolism. Based on this, you will receive a scientifically based and, above all, everyday plan with which you can lose weight sustainably and healthily.

Get in touch with the experts and know your plan! 


Points are simple yet effective



Most weight loss programs only consider calories. Their system goes one step further and takes into account all the complex nutritional information of food – such as added sugar, fiber, protein, and saturated or unsaturated fat. All of this is summed up in a single number: the Points value.

Eating healthy is easy with Points.


Use your points however you want

Your Weight Watchers plan comes with a points budget that you can use however you want. Whether red wine at the date night, Sunday brunch, or birthday cake. No food and no occasion are taboo. What if you run out of points? That’s where the ZeroPoint foods come in.

They are true nutrient packages that you can eat at any time – without tracking or weighing.


How to achieve your goals by tracking



It has been scientifically proven that meal tracking is one of the biggest influencers on your weight loss success. It ensures that you discard your unconscious, automatic choices about eating and move on to conscious eating.

Tracking has already helped millions of members adjust their portion sizes, turn mindless snacking into mindful snacking, and plan meals ahead so they can enjoy their favorite food.


An easy-to-use app‎


The WW app gives you access to your personal plan and points budget, as well as meal, activity, sleep, hydration, and weight trackers, a barcode scanner for easy shopping, over 14,000 recipes, a restaurant database, and online workouts for each level.


Support whenever you need it



They are there for you if you have questions, need advice, or even more motivation.

  • In the app, you can exchange ideas with other Weight Watchers members in their exclusive online community at any time.
  • In their workshops, experienced WW coaches are at your side with expert advice – either on-site in a studio near you or virtually via zoom. Best of all, you can take part in workshops flexibly at any time – when it suits your schedule best.

Make Weight Watchers your go-to diet partner!


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