TikTok Hacks You Must Know To Run The Application Like A PRO

TikTok Hacks You Must Know
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TikTok is one of the significant applications in the social media category. This app has great potential to make your content famous. The TikTok algorithms are far better than other social media apps. It is more like a fast pace app than any other social media. This is major because youngster uses TikTok more and understand its dynamics more quickly. There are many types of TikTok hacks you must know. If you are a newbie to TikTok, this information is for you. Let’s share some of the TikTok hacks


TikTok Hacks You Must Know 

1 Develop a Slideshow Without Using The TikTok Template



There are many templates that you can opt for while making videos. But there is a hack. If you do not wish to use it, then create a video. Start with the intro. Once you are done with the intro. Go to Effects and Choose Green Screen. Choose a picture from the camera roll as a background. Tilt your mobile phone so that you are not visible. This will accept to make your chosen picture as a background.


2 Record TikTok Vlog Or Voiceover


Yes! You can record a voice-over for short TikTok Vlogs. Once you make the video and are ready to post with captions and hashtags, go To Posting; instead of posting your video go to screen recording. Make sure your microphone is on. Once you are done with screen recording, go to the posting option, where you can see a voiceover on your short TikTok vlog.


3 Adjust TikTok Clips


Sometimes there are clips that are dragging and long. You may want to adjust them. TikTok does give options to adjust your clips. It is visible on the screen as adjusted clips. There you can adjust the duration of the clips that are long or short.

4 Create your own TikTok audio



Yes! This is possible but with little hard work. Find the video which has your favorite music. Download those videos on your smartphone. Now open those videos in your favorite video editing apps. Now you can trace the audio from the videos. You can trim, clip, drag, and place it on your videos.


5 Hide Your Like TikTok Videos




You can hide your liking videos through settings. Go to the Me screen. Find three vertical dots in the upright corner. Click on privacy and safety. Scroll down until you can see who sees like videos. Set it on the “Only me” option. Once you do it, you will see an eye with a line through it on your favorites tab.


6 Enable Restricted Mode

How to Turn ON Restricted Mode in TikTok


This is one of the best things in TikTok. Suppose you wish not to see certain content, certain hashtags, and then there is the restricted mode in this app. Go to my screen, tap three dots on the upright corner. Open setting. Click on Digital wellbeing under the general setting.

TikTok is by far one of the most interesting apps. It works along with your likes and dislikes. It really understands your preference to watch. This is why these are some of the TikTok hacks you must know, which make you enjoy this social media app more.


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