The Underpainting Makeup Trend On TikTok – All You Need to Know

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We now have access to more knowledge thanks to TikTok than our cute little skulls could handle. We’ve seen it all, from genuinely useful tips like the one-step sloppy bun trick and this magical $20 BB cream to outright dubious uses of banana peels and Gorilla Glue. But on occasion, TikTok produces real jewels, spurred on by industry experts who use the well-known platform to disseminate useful information to average people like us who would be lost without their experience.

Having that said, you might be familiar with the TikTok videos where people apply blush, highlighter, and contour before their foundations. It’s possible that you assumed it was simply another in a huge queue of Gen Z’s viral makeup hacks. But you’d be mistaken. For many years, makeup artists have been doing this and it is called “underpainting.” Any cosmetic professional will tell you that “underpainting” is an ancient practice, but many users of Beauty-Tok are only now becoming aware of its power. In the sections that follow, two expert makeup artists go into greater detail on the underpainting, including its definition, application techniques, and ideal tools.

How does underpainting work and what is it?

Underpainting: How to master this make-up trend for a natural look

Beauty experts use the underpainting method to hide, blush, contour, and highlight their faces underneath the foundation. Yes, you heard correctly. And although it might seem innovative, paradoxical, and a little strange, this age-old method has long been a well-kept beauty trick for achieving a soft and youthful appearance. It’s very simple to accomplish because all you’re doing is switching the sequence in which you apply your makeup. Then you add this small layer of foundation to soften and smooth things out after applying all the colors. After cleansing, toning, and moisturizing your skin, use a soft patting motion to apply your cheek, concealer, and highlighter as usual.  Applying foundation next will allow you to evenly blend the entire appearance. But be careful; you’ll want to apply less foundation than usual to avoid completely concealing your contouring efforts. According to tik-tokers, it’s important to gently mix your contour and concealer. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure that the makeup you’ve applied isn’t moving. Last but not least, using a foundation with high coverage to conceal your underpainting would truly negate the aim of this approach.

So, is underpainting really worth the hype?

Sure, this is a really fantastic makeup technique, but it is not a look you would wear every day. It is best suited for formal events. Underpainting is recommended by makeup TikTokers to give high-definition images a natural shine, but for anyone else who has to go to school every day, it might seem too much. So, despite #beautytok’s numerous failures, underpainting may be one of TikTok’s most recent successes, considering the platform’s popularity among celebrities’ makeup artists and beauty bloggers who share incredibly useful advice. Also, underpainting may require some trial and error, just like learning any new makeup technique, but the good thing is that it doesn’t cost you any money. You already have the makeup supplies at home, so trying, again and again, shouldn’t be as hard.



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