The Simpsons All Time Best Episodes

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Do you love The Simpsons? In this blog post, we count down the all-time best Simpsons episodes.

So grab a drink and some donuts, and let’s get started!


Top 10 Simpsons All Time Best Episodes

Here are 10 of the best Simpsons episodes of all time.


10. King Size Homer

In this episode, Homer tries to fatten up so he can get on disability and work from home. But even though his goal was to be lazy, he ends up becoming a superhero for Springfield when he accidentally saves a group of school kids from being hit by a train.



9. The Springfield Files


It’s another hilarious episode of The Simpsons, this time with Mulder and Scully from The X-Files investigating a UFO sighting in Springfield. And to top it all off, Leonard Nimoy makes a cameo appearance as himself-awesome!



8. Last Exit to Springfield

In this episode, Mr. Burns tries to destroy the town’s dental plan so that he can save money for himself. This episode is both hilarious and relevant, as it highlights the importance of dental care and how greed can ruin even the best of plans.



7. The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson


This episode of The Simpsons is a must-watch for fans of both The Simpsons and Seinfeld. In it, the Simpson family goes to New York City, and Homer gets lost. While trying to find his way back to his hotel room, Homer has several adventures, including getting mugged by Woody Allen.



6. Marge vs. the Monorail


Marge is against the monorail because she doesn’t want everyone on board to die. She’s determined to stop it before it leaves the station, and she has the perfect line for the occasion: “I call this operation ‘suck it’.”



5. Who Shot Mr. Burns? Part One


The episode is known for its cliffhanger ending, which left fans wondering who shot Mr. Burns for months. The episode is a satire of the whodunit genre and features great writing. “Who Shot Mr. Burns?” is also one of the few two-part episodes in the show’s history.



4. Treehouse of Horror V


According to many, this is the best “Treehouse of Horror” episode. It has three frightening stories: “The Shining”, “Time and Punishment”, and “Nightmare Cafeteria”. They are all excellently written and executed, making this a very memorable Halloween episode.



3. Cape Feare


This episode is a brilliant parody of Cape Fear that features some of the most quotable lines in all of The Simpsons. Sideshow Bob is finally released from prison and sets out to kill Bart Simpson. This episode is a thriller that will have you guessing until the end.



2. You Only Move Twice

In this episode, Homer Simpson gets a new job working for a villain named Hank Scorpio. “You Only Move Twice” is a satire of office life and features some truly iconic moments (including Homer strangling himself with his tie).



1. Homer’s Enemy


Grimes is a hard worker and can’t stand how lazy Homer Simpson is. Grimes eventually goes insane and tries to kill Homer, but he fails and dies instead. This episode makes you laugh and also think about issues like class warfare and income inequality.



Wrap Up

In television history, few shows are as iconic as The Simpsons all time best episodes. For over 30 years, the animated sitcom has charmed viewers with its unique brand of humor and lovable characters.


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