Did Andrew Garfield Really Sing In Tick Tick Boom?

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The musical comedy biographical movie “Tick Tick Boom” is shaking up the world and has fans wondering about the singing voice behind the lovely Tick Tick Boom song. Was it really Andrew Garfield, as reported by some? Let’s find out!



Was Andrew Garfield the Scoring Voice of Tick Tick Boom?


“Tick Tick Boom” is an upbeat happy-go-lucky musical film that has been getting a lot of attention lately. Centered around teenagers who are trying to break into the music industry and make it big, they battle all kinds of obstacles along their journey.

The movie was based on the real-life journey of the famous musician Jonathan Larson, and the renowned actor Andrew Garfield played the leading role. Despite acting in a main role, he also added his singing skills to the movie, which has become an instant classic and gained lots of attention from viewers.



Voice From His Heart

But did he actually provide his own singing voice for this catchy tune? Well, fortunately for Andrew Garfield fans, yes, he did! According to reports from recording engineers on set and statements from director Lin-Manuel Miranda himself, Garfield was indeed responsible for his own vocals in this scene.



Rumours Against His Singing Skills


Despite rumours to the contrary spreading on social media platforms about him lip-syncing or having someone else record his part for him – none of these claims are true according to those involved with making this iconic film magic happen! So it means our Spider-Man can save the city while rocking his favourite music.


Did The Box Office Experience A Boom With “Tick, Tick, Boom?”


The premiere of Tick, Tick, Boom! took place on November 10, 2021, and the film’s limited theatrical distribution started the following day. On November 19, it was released on Netflix. The film won appreciation for Garfield’s acting and Miranda’s directing. The American Picture Institute recognized it as the best movie of 2021, and it was nominated for Best Motion Picture (Musical or Comedy) at the 79th Golden Globe Awards. Plus, at the 27th Critics’ Choice Awards, the movie also got nominated by the judges.



Andrew Garfield Achievements

In recognition of his brilliant performance in Tick Tick Boom, Andrew Garfield was nominated for best actor at an Academy Award and won the Golden Globe award for Best Actor – Motion Picture (Musical or Comedy).


Did He Sing Any Other Song?

Now that it’s out in the open that Andrew Garfield sang in Tick Tick Boom, fans are curious as to whether or not he has sung in any other films. However, he has yet to add more music, having just sung in Tick Tick Boom.




We can now lay to rest any doubts we have regarding whether or not Andrew Garfield sang “Tick Tick Boom” himself! Not only is he incredibly talented at acting, but it turns out he is a great singer as well – so be sure to check out this amazing movie if you haven’t had time yet. Who knows what other treasures await us when we see and listen to him in ‘Tick Tock Boom’?




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