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Spotlight Oral Care review

In 2016, they founded Spotlight Oral Care intending to create the safest and most effective oral health products for their patients. That’s why Spotlight Oral Care review range of products combines the latest advances in oral care research with the highest quality ingredients while always keeping their patients, customers, and the planet in mind. So, let’s discover what Spotlight Oral Care review has to offer.


Spotlight Oral Care Review


Professional LED Teeth Whitening System

Price: now €83.96 was €119.95



Achieve a whiter smile with our clinically proven, zero-sensitivity LED Teeth Whitening Kit. Developed by Dentists Dr. Lisa and Dr. Vanessa Creaven to deliver fast and effective professional whitening results at home. Using nanotechnology, the LED Teeth Whitening device emits dual action red and blue wavelengths to effectively break down stains.

Give chance to this LED teeth whitening system and experience as great as your smile.


Sonic Toothbrush

Price: now €78.00 was €120.00



Personalize your cleaning experience with 3-speed settings and let our Sonic Toothbrush do the work for you. Using high-frequency brush movements the Sonic Toothbrush provides an unparalleled at-home cleaning experience in just 2 minutes. The Sonic Toothbrush allows the gentle feel of a manual toothbrush with deep cleaning action for a professional-feel clean at home.

Get a gorgeous smile and bring back your lost confidence by having this Sonic Toothbrush.


Mum To Be Gift Set

Price: now €75.00 was €150.00



Brush teeth and gums twice a day with a clean, clinically proven formula to protect mother and baby’s oral and overall health. Use a Sonic Toothbrush throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding to ensure teeth and gums receive the best clean possible. We recommend seeing your hygienist every 3 months throughout pregnancy to maintain oral health.

Have this Mum-to-be gift set and keep your smile at peak performance.


Luxury Teeth Whitening Gift Set for Him

Price: now €50.00 was €160.00



The Luxury Teeth Whitening Gift Set for Him is the perfect present for someone who makes you smile. Featuring 7 full-size teeth whitening and self-care gifts, this Gift Set is the perfect treat for that special someone or yourself! It includes teeth whitening strips, powder, toothpaste, sonic facial cleanser, dental floss for whitening teeth, bamboo toothbrush, and mouthwash.

It’s your smile; Keep it healthy…comfortable…brilliant!


Ultimate Kids Care Bundle

Price: now €91.00 was €140.00



Specially designed for little ones, this bundle includes all of the essentials a child needs to complete their daily oral care routine. It comes with the Sonic Toothbrush for Children, a UV Steriliser, Plaque Disclosing Tablets, Spotlight Oral Care’s Toothpaste for Children, and 3 extra replacement brush heads in various colors. Please note the included UV Sanitiser product is not waterproof. It is advised not to immerse the product in water & to keep the charging inlet dry at all times to avoid fire risk.

Get your Lil one’s teeth in gear for a brighter, whiter smile this year!


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