Complete your setups with AWD-IT Gaming Keyboard and Mouse.

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Looking for the best peripherals to complement your setup? AWD-IT Gaming Keyboard and Mouse combos have got you covered. The main plus point of going with AWD-IT is that you’ll always find good deals with even better service due to the company having great connections in the marketplace. All keyboards featured on the website have decent switches with tactile feedback, and all mice have satisfying clicks and can last long. Additionally, the company’s amazing post-purchase service goes hand-in-hand with its amazing products. Let’s look at some of the bundles that the company offers.


AWD-IT Gaming Keyboard and Mouse


Jedel WS620 Slim Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Set For PC Laptop Tablet iMac

Price: £14.99

Jedel Slim Bluetooth Slim Keyboard and Mouse Set are perfect for both personal and professional use. The minimalistic design allows you to save space. The set being wireless is just an added perk, it just means that you don’t have to worry about wires and the set has minimal response delay.

Increase your productivity today.


ASUS TUF Gaming K1 RGB Keyboard and M3 Wired RGB Mouse Bundle

Price: £79.99


The ASUS TUF Gaming Combo K1 & M3 combines the TUF Gaming K1 keyboard and TUF Gaming M3 mouse into a single unit that offers unmatched performance and remarkable endurance. The K1’s tactile membrane switches, separate volume control, and removable wrist rest provide exceptional comfort and durability while delivering brand-new gaming experiences.

Get the rank you know you deserve.


AWD-IT NEBULA Gaming Bundle 7 Color LED Keyboard with Pulsing Mouse and Mat Combo Kit:

Price: £21.99


For those gamers wishing to update their current kit without going over budget, the AWD-IT RGB Gaming kit is a great option. There’s a mousepad for just that added touch. This combo is perfect for someone who’s getting into gaming and would like a reliable entry-level mouse and keyboard to be their first peripherals.

Notice a clear boost in your performance in-game.


Jedel WS880 USB Wireless Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Kit – Blue

Price: £9.99

An amazing color alongside a minimalistic theme, and it’s wireless on top of all that. Is there any further need to harp about the WS880? The bundle is great in what it does and that’s what matters. You’ll clearly notice a significant improvement in your gaming performance with this bundle.

Get the WS880 to complete your setup and take it up a notch.


Cooler Master MS110 RGB Keyboard & Mouse Kit Combo Gaming Peripheral Bundle

Price: £38.99

If there’s one thing that’s synonymous with Cooler Master, then that’s reliable heatsinks. But the company’s peripherals also have amazing quality, tactile feedback, long-lasting switches, and much more. The RGB just acts as frosting on the cake and brightens an already amazing experience.

Master your craft with Cooler Master’s aid.

AWD-IT’s Gaming Keyboard and Mouse bundles offer the best variety in the marketplace. From entry-level wireless combinations to full-fledged gaming peripherals with zero delays, you’ll find everything.

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