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Pearl CH review
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PEARL strives to stand out from the crowd. Better, more imaginative, and more approachable. Not at any cost, but at a reasonable cost. Objectives have always been and will always be at the centre of PEARL’s concept. They are all dedicated to providing the finest possible variety of unique items from all areas of life. At a price that is affordable to everyone.

PEARL is now a multinational technology corporation with a successful presence in a number of countries. PEARL has been around since 1996 in Switzerland. In this Pearl CH review, we will look at some of the Household Appliances that are offered on the company’s website.


Pearl CH Review


Wireless Surveillance System

Price: was 669.95 CHF now 289.95 CHF save 56%



Your new system’s four cameras reliably monitor everything that happens in front of their lenses. When motion is detected, the hard disc recorder begins recording from all four cameras at the same time! The cameras and recorder may be linked wirelessly through the radio.

With this intelligent CCTV camera, keep an eye on the closest spots.


On-Grid Solar Inverter, 3-phase

Price: was 3’199.95 CHF now 1’399.95 CHF save 56%



You get the most energy out of each individual solar module with your new on-grid solar inverter. The best operating point for two strings may also be optimised individually thanks to the two inbuilt MPPT charge controllers. If one of the system’s strings is shaded, the two trackers may independently manage the voltage for both the shaded and sunlit areas, increasing efficiency.

Have this now and control your solar modules decent rally and precisely.


2in1 battery cyclone vacuum cleaner

Price: was 299.95 CHF now 139.95 CHF save 53%



Clear your home of crumbs and other debris. Because your new 2in1 battery cyclone vacuum cleaner may be used as a hand and floor vacuum! Even gritty dirt is successfully picked up by the spinning floor brush. Just clean in the inexpensive ECO or vigorous MAX mode, depending on your demands.

Keep it clean, keep it green with this cyclone vacuum cleaner.


Portable Steam Cleaner With large accessory pack, 1.000 W

Price: was 6.95 CHF now 45.95 CHF save 40%



Eco-friendly and chemical-free cleaning: The handy steam cleaner goes everywhere and is really thorough! Using heated steam, it effortlessly eliminates even the most obstinate filth. In 3 to 5 minutes, your steam cleaner is ready to use.

Quickly and easily get rid of stubborn stains anywhere.


Professional WLAN window cleaning robot

Price: was 669.95 CHF now 359.95 CHF save 46%



Make window cleaning easier by allowing your smart robot to conveniently clean windows, panes, and even massive glass faces. Just slip it on, turn it on, then sit back and relax. The remainder will be handled by your cleaning demon. The uninterruptible power supply safeguards your robot in the event of a power outage.

Have this window cleaning robot and get the dirt away.

Get your all household appliances from the comfort of your home from the Pearl CH website.

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