Carly DE Valentine’s Day Sale | Use LOVE20 & Get 20% OFF

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With the straightforward goal of developing a dependable driving companion that offers strong statistics and insightful information, they established Carly. Carly uses technology to link drivers with information that is concealed inside their vehicles. Throughout the lifespan of automobile ownership, they provide straightforward solutions that give you peace of mind and enable you to save time and money. Their goal is to be a dependable driver’s buddy who provides insightful data and potent analysis.


This time of the year with Carly DE Valentine’s Day sale, things are getting even more exciting. Choose your plan and get 20% off by just using the code LOVE20 while you checkout. What’s included?? Let’s check it out.


Carly DE Valentine’s Day Sale


Basic Package


You may try the scanner first before gaining access to extra capabilities.

Get the most out of a single device

Carly App — Lite Version (free)


Basic Diagnostics

Diagnostics read the fault code memory of your vehicle. This improves mistake detection so that you can avoid damaging your car. Your engine light’s cause can also be determined. You may conduct sophisticated diagnostics at the manufacturer level by upgrading the software to the full version. The diagnostic outcome is available just inside the app in the full edition.


Emissions Check

An essential component of vehicle maintenance is emissions testing. Before your automobile is serviced, check for emissions issues and have a level conversation with your mechanic.

Your key advantages:

Test emission-related systems and practices on your automobile’s exhaust system with Carly.


Basic Live Data

Live parameters provide sensor data from your automobile so you may learn more about it. OBD parameters and manufacturer-level parameters are the two different levels of parameters.

Your key advantages:

You can access a lot of sensor data from your car using Live Parameters at the manufacturer level. Additionally, you can send the parameter history to your email or pick a few parameters to see on a dashboard.

Use the code and get a straight 20% off!


Premium Package

Your smartphone’s app instantly includes access to all BMW functions.



Carly Universal Scanner

The Smart Mechanic

With the help of this capability, you may examine components, comprehend your fault codes more fully, and perform more repairs on your own.

Your key advantages:

Thanks to this function, you may better comprehend your problem codes, which offer thorough fault explanations authored by knowledgeable technicians. The original blueprints for your car will be available to you directly since the workshop uses them to inspect the parts and schematics. Your own mechanic, The Carly Smart Mechanic, will enable you to handle more fixes on your own.

Know the insights with just a few adjustments 



By using coding, you unlock hidden built-in functions in your car’s control unit.



If your BMW is equipped with iDrive, you can use Carly to unlock additional functions.

Exhaust Flap

In order to decrease noise, the exhaust system of several BMW vehicles is fitted with an exhaust flap. You may experience your BMW’s authentic sound by opening the exhaust flap with Carly.


Don’t forget to use LOVE20 and take advantage of this Valentine’s Day offer to save 20%. Hurry up, the sale will not last forever.

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