5 Ways To Know If Someone Blocked You On Telegram

Telegram, the ever-popular messaging app, offers a plethora of features for its users. However, when it comes to identifying if someone has blocked you, especially on an iPhone, the process can be perplexing. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore five insightful methods to help you decipher the enigma of being blocked on Telegram.



Method 1: Profile Picture Analysis

Begin your investigation by scrutinizing the contact’s profile picture. If you notice mere initials instead of an image, there’s a considerable chance that you’ve been blocked. Nonetheless, it’s crucial not to jump to conclusions, as the contact might have simply removed their profile picture.

Method 2: Absence of Online Status

If you have previously engaged in chats with the contact, check their online status within the chat. In case you’ve deleted your chats, a quick search for the contact’s name in the Contacts tab should reveal their status. If it displays “last seen a long time ago,” it might be an indication of a block.



Method 3: Message Delivery Dilemma

A key indicator lies in the delivery of your messages to the contact. Attempt sending a message, and if it remains undelivered with only a single tick, there’s a possibility of being blocked. Should the message linger indefinitely without being delivered, it further suggests a block.




Method 4: Restricted Group Creation

Observe the interaction restrictions with the contact. Try creating a new group with them; if you encounter errors or restrictions, it could be a sign of being blocked.

Method 5: Video or Voice Call Attempt

Testing video or voice calls serve as a valuable method. If you are unable to connect to the contact and receive a “Call Failed” message, it indicates a potential block. However, if you encounter “Contacting” or “Ringing,” it suggests that you are not blocked.

and enjoy seamless messaging on Telegram”

Additional Insight

While these methods can be helpful in indicating a potential block, it’s crucial to take into account other factors that might impact communication. Some users may choose to hide their online status or experience temporary network issues, leading to delays in message delivery. Additionally, the absence of a profile picture may not always signify a block, as some users prefer minimalist profiles. It’s essential to approach the situation with prudence and not jump to hasty conclusions.




While there is no foolproof way to confirm if someone has blocked you on Telegram, these five methods provide valuable clues. It is essential to remember that technology is not infallible, and there may be alternative reasons for the observed behavior. In case you suspect being blocked, consider reaching out through other platforms for a clearer understanding of the situation.

Armed with this knowledge, you can navigate Telegram’s messaging and privacy features adeptly, ensuring effective communication with your contacts on the platform. With these valuable insights, the process of identifying blocked contacts on Telegram will no longer be a puzzling enigma for iPhone users. Stay informed, and enjoy seamless messaging on Telegram!


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