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John Masters Organics

In the pursuit of natural beauty and wellness, John Masters Organics France stands out as a beacon of excellence. Their commitment to using organic and natural ingredients is not just about skincare; it’s a philosophy aimed at restoring both body and mind. With a focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility, John Masters Organics offers products that not only nurture hair but also respect our planet. From their rich and creamy formulas to the soft and shiny finish they provide, every product is crafted with care.


Nourish Your Hair Naturally with John Masters Organics France

Night mask with vegetable keratin & Abyssinian crambe

Price: €35,00


Transform your hair overnight with John Masters Naturals Overnight Hair Mask! Packed with vegetable keratin and Abyssinian crambe, this professional-quality mask deeply nourishes and hydrates your hair, reducing breakage and leaving it shiny and silky. With 99% natural ingredients, it’s silicone and sulfate-free, and never tested on animals.

Say hello to stronger, shinier hair – try it now for luscious locks every morning!


Anti-aging serum with vitamin C

Price: €58.00


Discover the ultimate secret to youthful skin with the groundbreaking Anti-Aging Serum, expertly crafted with vitamin C-rich Kakadu plum extracts and rejuvenating rose oil. This potent formula not only diminishes wrinkles but also provides deep hydration and gentle exfoliation for renewed radiance. With a commitment to 70% organic ingredients and cruelty-free testing, it’s skincare you can trust.

Experience the difference today and unlock your skin’s true potential with this Anti-aging serum!


Lemon & Ginger Hand Cream

Price: €20.00


Indulge in luxurious hand care with the Lemon & Ginger Hand Cream! Expertly formulated, it combines the stimulating properties of ginger with the refreshing essence of lemon oil. This rich, concentrated cream deeply nourishes even the driest hands, leaving them repaired and moisturized. With a commitment to 70% organic ingredients and cruelty-free testing, it’s both effective and ethical.

Treat your hands to the pampering they deserve – try it today and experience the difference!


Stimulating shampoo with peppermint and meadowsweet

Price: €29,00


Experience a refreshing transformation with the Stimulating Shampoo! Infused with peppermint and meadowsweet, this dynamic duo works wonders for your scalp, soothing and purifying while eliminating dandruff. With 70% organic ingredients and natural surfactants, it’s gentle yet potent. Revel in shiny, strengthened locks with every wash!

Ready to unleash your hair’s potential? Try it now and feel the invigorating difference!


“Iconic” packset

Price: was € 48.00 now €33.99


Unveil the iconic beauty of John Masters Organics with the “Iconic” Box Set! Dive into daily nourishment with the citrus and geranium shampoo, followed by the hydrating conditioner for silky-smooth locks. Revitalize your hair with the nourishing mask, then protect and nourish with the moisturizing hair milk. Experience the epitome of haircare luxury wherever you wander.

Order this curated collection of hair essentials for the global explorer!


Experience professional results with a touch of nature’s best ingredients. Check out the journey to healthier hair and a happier planet with John Masters Organics France.


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