How To Get Apple Music Student Discount When You Are Not A Student


Do you want to enjoy the Apple Music student discount while you are no longer a student? Being a student has its perks, one of them being the discounted offers available for students such as the Apple Music Student Discount. If you are no longer a student and still don’t want to miss out on this discounted opportunity then read through this article as it will explain how to get an Apple Music Student Discount even when you are not enrolled in any educational institution.


What Is The Apple Music Student Discount?

Apple Music offers a student discount of 50% off the regular monthly subscription fee. Eligible college and university students can pay just $4.99 a month, instead of $9.99 – for 48 months or four years! To enjoy this discounted rate, students have to verify their status each year.



What You’ll Get Along With The Student Discount?

  • To take advantage of the student discount, you’ll need proof that you’re enrolled in an eligible academic institution.
  • This includes an official transcript or tuition invoice/statement issued within 3 months of signing up for your account (which must include the school name, term dates & fees).
  • You can submit these documents online via your iTunes account or email them directly to [email protected].
  • If extra verification is needed, order an electronic statement from your institution’s website via MyInfoBear.



Getting an Apple Music Student Discount When You’re No Longer a Student

It can be disappointing when your access to the Apple Music student discount comes to an end, especially if you’ve been enjoying it for several years. Unfortunately, once you complete 48 months of your student subscription, it will automatically convert into an individual subscription and you’ll no longer have access to Apple TV+ for free.

However, there are some steps that you can take so that the transition is as smooth as possible. Here’s what to do:

Verify Your Status

Verify your status in Apple Music. If prompted, but you no longer are a student or have completed 48 months of a subscription – select “I’m No Longer A Student” to remove future verification requests and expedite the process.


If verification occurs within the first 48 months of your subscription and then fails due to a lack of proof within 14 days after notification – meaning that if sufficient evidence isn’t provided within this time frame – then it will be necessary for you to re-enroll to continue receiving benefits from the offer.

Upgrade Subscription

Once all other avenues have been exhausted, simply upgrading your current Individual plan could be another solution. There are a variety of subscription choices available; check out Apple’s website for more information about discounts and savings opportunities related to membership upgrades.

Taking these steps can help make sure that your transition from student discount eligibility is as easy as possible – and keep those great savings coming!



Maximize Your Apple Music Benefits With a Student Discount

If you’re no longer eligible for the student discount, there are ways to ease your transition. Verify your status, consider an upgrade, or re-enroll if possible – whatever works best for you! Plus, don’t forget to check Apple’s website regularly for further discounts and opportunities.


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