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Ho Mobile IT

Tired of confusing mobile plans with hidden fees, contracts, and limitations? Your days of frustration are over. Check out our Ho Mobile IT review and learn about the ultimate solution for simple, transparent, and hassle-free mobile service. Say goodbye to extra costs, and say hello to unlimited GBs, minutes, and SMS! Their user-friendly application uses eSIM technology on top of a lightning-fast 5G network.


Cut the Confusion with Ho Mobile IT Review

200 Giga in 5G

Price: €9.99 per month


Get ready to experience the ultimate combination of speed and convenience with 200 Giga in 5G. With this product, you can easily bring your number along while switching to a new operator. The activation cost starts from €0, depending on your operator of origin. You’ll receive a SIM card for free and the first recharge is only €10. Or, if you’re activating a new number, both the activation and SIM card are free but the first recharge is still just €10.

Don’t wait any longer, switch to 200 Giga in 5G today!


250 Giga in 5G

Price: 11,99 € per month


Upgrade to the next level of mobile connectivity with 250 Giga in 5G. Enjoy unlimited minutes and texts, plus free activation for select operators. Keep your current number or start fresh with a new one at no extra cost. Just pay as low as 0€ for activation (cost may vary based on your operator), get a free sim, and recharge with only 12,00 €.

Experience blazing-fast speeds and endless possibilities in just one product! Upgrade now.


300 Giga

Price: 13,99 € per month


Introducing the ultimate offer for your home – the 300 Giga Plan! Experience lightning-fast 4G speeds up to 60 Mbps, ideal for streaming, gaming, and browsing. Plus, grab a special discount when you purchase a 4G router. For just €13.99 per month, existing customers get 300 Giga and new customers get it for €15.99 only. But wait, there’s more! The SIM is free, and the first recharge is only €14.00 for existing customers and €16.00 for new ones.

Grab this incredible offer – switch to the 300 Giga plan now!


500 Mega Plan

Price: 2,99 € per month


Introducing the ultimate plan for all your communication needs – the 500 Mega Plan! With a whopping 500 megabytes of data, 50 minutes of talk time, and 500 text messages, this plan has got you covered. For just €9.00, you can activate this incredible deal with a free SIM card included. Plus, on your first recharge of €3.00, get ready to enjoy all these benefits for only €2.99 from then on!

Grab this amazing offer and upgrade to the 500 Mega Plan today!


Voice Only

Price: 2,99 € per month


Introducing Voice Only – the perfect plan for those who love to talk! With no activation fee and a free SIM card, this plan is hassle-free from the start. Simply recharge with €5.00 and enjoy unlimited texts and minutes. Plus, from your first recharge, you’ll only be charged €4.99 for renewals! That’s a total of just €5.00 for endless communication.

Get Voice Only plan today!


Experience the freedom of choice with Ho Mobile IT review. Sign up today and join the thousands who have already said farewell to confusing mobile plans.

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