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Gravity Performance

Gravity Performance has accumulated a plethora of knowledge in the automotive aftermarket industry throughout its four years of operation. To guarantee dependability and performance, products are produced by stringent requirements and put through extensive quality inspections. They serve both daily driver street cars and race cars, offering a wide range of performance parts designed to improve vehicle performance. They highlight the expertise of their customer care agents and their commitment to resolving problems and guaranteeing client satisfaction.


Elevating Your Driving Experience

Catback Exhaust System – BMW Mini R53 Cooper S 1.6 00-06

Price: £289.99

Was: £299.99


For years of performance and longevity, Gravity Performance’s Catback Exhaust System for the BMW Mini R53 Cooper S 1.6 is expertly manufactured from premium T304 stainless steel. A pipe with a diameter of 2.5″ splits elegantly into two 2″ bores, ending in two 2.75 “tailpipes.” By improving exhaust flow, this design contributes to improved engine performance. Its free-flowing design increases power and torque across the RPM range to optimize the performance of the supercharged engine.

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Silicone Intake Pipe – Subaru Impreza New Age WRX STI 02-06

Price: £69.99

Was: £79.99


The reinforced silicone turbo intake hose of the Subaru Impreza New Age WRX STI 02-06 Silicone Intake Pipe is designed to withstand high pressures and temperatures. Capable of operating in temperatures ranging from -50°C to 220°C, ensuring robustness in a range of meteorological conditions. has a sturdy 5 mm wall that is strengthened by four layers of Nomex/polyester mesh. Compared to the original rubber hose, this design offers more strength and can withstand higher pressure.

Say Goodbye to Cracks and Leaks, and Hello to Reliable Performance!


Short Shifter – Honda Civic 8th Gen FD2 FN2 06-11

Price: £119.99

Was: £129.99


Honda Civic 8th Gen FD2 FN2 06-11 Short Shifter is built with durable aluminum and strong steel to ensure a long lifespan. designed to reduce shift throw by up to 30%, enabling faster and more accurate gear shifts. has durable bearings for longer lifespans and smooth shifting. ideal for drivers who value performance and are enthusiasts, providing a sportier feel and greater control over gear changes.

Shift Faster and Smoother Through Gears with Gravity Performance.


42mm High Flow Radiator – Land Rover Discovery 2.5 TD5 98-04

Price: £164.99

Was: £174.99


This high-flow radiator from Gravity Performance is perfect for Land Rover Discovery TD5 owners’ cooling needs. The engine’s cooling efficiency can be increased by up to 30% with this radiator’s aluminum twin-channel core compared to the factory radiator. Fits both manual and automatic Land Rover Discovery 2.5 TD5 98-04 models, with or without air conditioning. Because more water is added to each channel in the design, the cooling effectiveness is boosted, and the engine will run at optimal temperatures even under severe conditions.

Achieve Superior Cooling Efficiency for Your Engine – Order Now!


Rear Drilled Grooved 259mm Brake Discs For Mini R50 R52 R53 R56 One D 1.4 1.6

Price: £74.99

Was: £84.99


These high-performance brake discs from Gravity Performance offer a trustworthy and effective upgrade for Mini owners seeking better braking performance and visual appeal. There won’t be any modifications needed to guarantee compatibility because these brake discs are manufactured to be perfect reproductions of the original discs. The non-friction portions of the discs have a black phosphate coating that prolongs disc life by preventing corrosion. designed to minimize the build-up of water, dust, and gases, ensuring dependable braking performance.

Upgrade to Gravity Performance’s Rear Drilled and Grooved Brake Discs for Your Mini Models!

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