Where To Get Paid Software For Free Download Full Version


Did you know there are legal, safe ways to access paid software for free? It’s essential to navigate wisely in the digital landscape as 78% of counterfeit software downloaded from torrents and download websites contain hidden malware. Let’s explore where you can get your hands on quality paid software without the risk.



How to Download Paid Software Free Legally?

Want to legally download paid software for free? Here are some reputable websites that can help – minus the risks associated with pirated software. Enjoy the benefits of premium and specialized programs at no cost!

Giveaway of the Day

Giveaway of the Day (GOTD) has been a popular website for over a decade. Every day, it provides different paid software for free, usually for a 24-hour period. Once downloaded, the software is yours to keep forever. The catch is that you must install and activate it the same day you download it. GOTD also offers games and mobile apps for Android and iOS.


SharewareOnSale is similar to GOTD but offers multiple software giveaways every day. It’s an excellent source for finding free licensed software and discounts on shareware. Signing up for their newsletter ensures you don’t miss any offers.



Giveaway Club

Giveaway Club offers a generous download period, usually spanning 2-3 days. This website provides a variety of software, including antivirus products, as well as games and apps for both Windows and Mac.

Giveaway Radar

Giveaway Radar is a website that collects information about various ongoing giveaways on the internet. It’s a handy resource to stay updated on the latest software giveaways.


TopWareSale offers discounts on various software available online, including both Windows and Mac applications. You can find a wide range of software categories like multimedia, design, antivirus, internet, and more.


Download.io provides access to various software for Windows and Mac. Some software may require registration or sharing on social media to access.



Malware Tips

Malware Tips is primarily a blog but also provides links to free cracked software. While not recommended, it’s worth mentioning for informational purposes.


NET-LOAD collects and categorizes giveaways, including software and games. It doesn’t host any files but provides links to download sites.



Giveaways Networks

Giveaways Networks partners with software creators to provide legal software giveaways. It covers a variety of operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

Most I Want

Most I Want offers daily product keys and software downloads for Windows, Mac, and Android.


Softpedia is a reputable site that provides detailed reviews and downloads for both free and paid software. It offers a wide selection of software categories.




While these websites offer opportunities to legally download paid software for free, it’s essential to exercise caution. Make sure to download software only from reputable sources to avoid potential security risks. Additionally, always verify the terms and conditions of each giveaway to ensure compliance with licensing agreements. Remember, software piracy is illegal and carries risks both to your computer’s security and your legal standing. So, enjoy these legitimate sources for free software downloads and stay safe online.


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