Easy Pictures to Draw in Your Free Time

Are you looking forward to improving your drawing skills? You have come to the right place. There is a endless supply of ideas that can help you refine your skills. Whether you are an adult or you want to improve the drawing skills of your child, here are some easy pictures to get started with.

Spiral Drawing

Hole - 3d Grid Spiral Drawing PNG Image | Transparent PNG Free Download on SeekPNG

It’s incredible how a few swirl lines can produce such a beautiful picture. Make your own version of a spiral design using different colors. This is a perfect picture to draw when you are bored for a while. If you are just careful with how you draw the spirals, you can create truly magnificent artwork.

Baby Groot

How to draw baby groot                  | Dessin groot, Dessin kawaii, Dessins disney

Add a little cuteness with Baby Groot to make your day. Not only this drawing is simple, it is also fun? This fantastic picture can be drawn in no time. A great thing is that MCU is loaded with fantastic stuff to draw inspiration from for your drawings. You are going to have fun drawing this cute little creature.

Hand Gestures

Hands in general or hand signals. Draw this or another part of the human body as you see fit. Start with a straightforward hand motion and then, when you have time, add additional human body parts.

Alien Head

13,196 Alien Head Illustrations & Clip Art - iStock

What does the head of an alien look like? Use your imagination and draw. They finish in a matter of seconds. To make the space beings you envision come to life, perhaps add some ears and a dash of colour.


Cute butterfly drawing | Butterfly drawing, Cute butterfly, Drawings

Drawing butterflies is a lot of fun! You might draw a different species every time since there are hundreds of different species to draw from.

Tree and Tent

Teepee Tree | Camping art, Tent drawing, Camping drawing

You can draw a cute small tent and tree using simple lines. Either draw a complete campsite or you can draw simple tree and tent. You can also add something like the moon to this image if it looks too simple. Drawing is no doubt a wonderful activity to stay busy and unleash your creative side. This makes the whole activity enjoyable because you can draw anything that comes to your mind. So go with your imagination!

Smiley Skateboard

40 Easy Things to Draw When You're Bored! | Displate Blog

Unquestionably, a cheerful face on a skateboard belongs in every sketchbook. Or perhaps a dejected moon on a skateboard would be cool. Draw simple shapes and incorporate them into the things you enjoy doing. The happy face might also be found on a surfboard. Images of simple things are entertaining.

It might be difficult to get beyond a creative block, especially when you’re stuck on what to create. You can obtain a new perspective and reignite your love of drawing by trying something new.

The good news is that you can try a tonne of creative ideas, from baby grout drawing to a Smiley Skateboard drawing project.

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