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durex fr reviews
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Everyone has different sexuality, and that’s okay! There’s no one right way to be sexual. You can love whomever you want, and you can express your love however you want. You don’t have to fit into any specific box. And to make each of your steps save, Durex FR has everything you need. Check Durex FR reviews.

Durex is a trusted household name when it comes to adult toys and condoms. The brand has been in the industry for over 80 years, manufacturing and supplying some of the best quality products in the market. Though there are many other brands in this domain, Durex has consistently outranked them owing to its focus on quality, variety, and customer satisfaction.



Here are your favorite Durex FR products detailed in today’s Durex FR review.


Durex FR review

Durex Nude Sensation Skin to Skin

Price: 9,44€


https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0005/7445/5868/products/durex-fr-durex-nude-sensation-peau-contre-peau-16-preservatifs-15222752477244_540x.jpg?v=1627992093 https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0005/7445/5868/products/durex-fr-durex-nude-sensation-peau-contre-peau-16-preservatifs-15222847012924_540x.jpg?v=1627991901


Durex Nude Sensation condoms were designed to increase intimacy and maximize sensations. Made of ultra-thin latex, these condoms allow for skin-on-skin contact providing a more natural feeling. They are also fragrance-free for those with sensitive skin. Plus, they have a special reservoir end for extra sensitivity.

Feels like there’s nothing in-between


Gel lubrifiant Natural Original 100 ml

Price: 9.99€




Gel Lubrifiant Natural Original 100 ml feels great and helps keep your intimate areas healthy and moisturized for totally natural comfort. It’s made with a balanced formula of natural ingredients including extracts of chamomile, calendula and lavender that provide a long-lasting lubricating effect. Plus, it’s pH-balanced to maintain the natural flora of your intimate areas. It is easy to wash off, leaving you feeling clean and comfortable.

Make your special moments mess-free with this gel today


Durex Sensitive Lubricant Gel 250ml

Price: 19,99€


https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0005/7445/5868/products/durex-fr-durex-gel-lubrifiant-sensitive-250-ml-28588619661372_540x.jpg?v=1627980194 https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0005/7445/5868/products/durex-fr-durex-gel-lubrifiant-sensitive-250-ml-28588112445500_540x.jpg?v=1627980194


Durex Sensitive lubricant gel is a classic product that makes sex more enjoyable. It’s a water-based lubricant that is gentle on your skin and perfect for use with condoms. This lubricant helps to reduce friction, making sex more comfortable and pleasurable for both partners.

A great choice for those who want extra peace of mind.


Durex Vibro Pure Fantasy Orgasm’Intense – Vibrator

Price: 39.99€




The Durex Vibro Pure Fantasy Orgasm’ Intense vibrator is the perfect toy to multiply your sensations and reach new heights of pleasure. With its several speeds, this vibrator allows you to find the one that suits you best and enjoy an unforgettable orgasm. It is rechargeable and waterproof so you can enjoy it anywhere. The vibrations are incremental, making it easier to find the perfect speed for you.

Try it to find the perfect setting that keeps you in the game


Cock ring Pleasure Ring

Price: 6,99€



Cock ring pleasure ring is designed to intensify and prolong erection. It is made of quality stainless steel and silicone. This sex toy can be used for couple or solo play. It is made of premium silicone which makes it soft, comfortable and safe to use. The stretchy band also provides a tight grip for a more pleasurable experience.

Intensify your pleasure with the most amazing experiences keeping yourself safe with Durex FR products now.

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