Check The Tinder Swindler Review From Our Eyes

The Tinder Swindler Review

Tinder is a dating app where you make an account. This runs just like any other social media app. You put your interest, likes, and dislikes in meeting a person. Once there is a match, the app automatically connects you with that person. Yet! Some people tried to miss using this app. Simon Leviev is a mastermind person behind Tinder Swindler. If you are someone who has still watched this piece of a documentary, then the tinder swindler review is for you.


Who is Simon in The Tinder Swindler Review? 


Tinder Swindler kicked off Tinder:
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Simon Leviev claims to be the diamond industry of business tycoons. He fools young women by stating that he belongs to the LLD diamond family. The LLD Diamonds has been in the business for the longest time. He meets girls in the best clothes from Gucci, Armani, Louis Vuitton, etc. He will show that he travels in private jets. He moves in expensive cars.

He will show you the perfect lifestyle then he will claim that he is just looking for a simple and decent girl. He will take you to these expensive restaurants where only elite people go. Expensive dinners, high-class shopping. Dinner dates in different cities.

The ideal life that women cherish live!


The Tinder Swindler meets Cecilie Fjellhoy

    'Tinder Swindler' banned from dating apps


Cecilie is an average living person who happens to match with Simon on tinder. She has been using tinder for the longest time. She went and met Simon for coffee. Simon offered to take a trip to another city on a coffee date. It was shocking for her, as it was so exciting that she just said yes to it. Simon explains that he has a wife and his son who are also on the plane.

Cecilie is impressed. She had a good weekend and just came back to her city. A few days pass by Simon messages him that he is in trouble and needs money. On which Cecilie gets concerned to make her more believe he sent some fake photos that he was under attack.

In honesty, Simon is dating someone else and having a luxurious dinner somewhere else. Cecilie gets convinced and gets a loan of $25,000 for him.

Simon Gets Caught 



He has been cheating and claiming to be someone. Get a tremendous amount of money from young ladies. With that money, he enjoys a luxurious life. But nothing lasts forever.

So one fine day, he meets Ayleen Charlotte, whom he was dating the way he dated other girls. Meanwhile, Cecilie and other girls started to talk about it on media so that more girls get aware of Simon’s scam. Ayleen reached to one of the girls, and she was shocked to know the reality. What’s next? Ayleen plans to take revenge. She fools Simon by believing that he is telling the truth, he is not a scam, and these girls used him.

She asks Simon to lend some of his clothes by selling those clothes she will help him. But in real she sells these clothes to gets some of her money back.

Later on, Simon was caught in Greece in July 2019 with a fake passport. He was charged with money scams and was jailed for 15 months.

Tinder Swindler is an eye-opening documentary that does not trust strangers blindly. Do not get fooled by men and give huge amounts of money in love. The Tinder Swindler Review is all you need to learn about life reality.


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