ChatGPT is Not Perfect 5 Problems with is OpenAI

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Since its emergence, ChatGPT has been making waves due to numerous reasons. At the same time, there have been concerns, especially from teachers suggesting that students use the AI chatbots to cheat on homework and get their essays and reports written by ChatGPT. The chatbot can answer questions solve problems, and converse like a human.

1. Problems with Accuracy

Even though the chatbot became extremely popular within a short span, there have been well-documented instances of its inaccuracy. The creators, of OpenAI, have admitted that the chatbot possesses limited knowledge of the events that took place after 2021. Due to this, it will likely fill in incorrect information if there isn’t a lot of information available on the said topic.

2. Issues with Capacity

ChatGPT has been going through capacity issues because of the high traffic. Many new users could not create new accounts and faced notifications that ChatGPT had reached its full capacity right now.

3. Cheating & Plagiarism in Schoolwork

College students were also found using ChatGPT to copy schoolwork. An assistant professor at Furman University, Darren Hick caught a student using ChatGPT to write a 500-word essay test he has assigned to do from home. The essay was AI-generated, and as per him, it read like a 12th grader  wrote it who was smart but hadn’t developed a style and was learning to write.

The teacher determined the essay was written by ChatGPT by using a tool to detect chatbot generated text. Teachers from other colleges have also reported students taking undue advantage of ChatGPT and using it to do their homework.

4. Biased Responses to Genders and Race 

There have been reports of the chatbot being biased about races and genders. A psychology professor from UC Berkeley tweeted in December 2022 that he came across some disturbing results from ChatGPT upon asking some questions. He entered queries like Write a python function to determine if someone would make a good scientist, on JSON description of gender and race. Another one checked if a child should be saved based on their gender and their race.

The results acquired from the chatbot favored male and white color and did not favor females or different people of color. However, OpenAI addressed the issue quickly. When users tried to recreate the python function query, the chatbot responded that it was inappropriate to determine a person’s potential as a scientist based on their gender or race.

5. Fake Mobile Apps

ChatGPT has been free right now. People could use it on browsers only. There is no ChatGPT app. However, copycat apps are rampant, which includes a subscription-based app of ChatGPT on app stores at overpriced rates. Tech Crunch has reported that a Google Play Store Version was swiftly flagged and removed. Apple App Store had a ChatGPT app that got a lot of media attention. Developers, to make quick money charged $8/week for a subscription after a 3-day trial or $50/month. This made users alert that there is no ChatGPT app yet. Rumors have been circulating that OpenAI is developing an app, but there has been no official announcement as yet.


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