Capalus DE Offers – Your Solution to High Grocery Prices

Capalus DE offers

Tired of spending all your money on those costly groceries at your local store? Not to worry, Capalus DE is here to make your shopping experience worthwhile. Say goodbye to wasted hours and endless hassle in your store tours and say hello to easy, budget-friendly cross-border shopping with Capalus.

They realize the harrowing effects the ever-increasing rates of inflation have on consumer goods, which is why they feel duty-bound to offer some financial relief to their valued customers. Fresh produce, household essentials, specialty imported items—name it, they have it.


Transform Your Grocery Experience with Capalus DE Offers


Coca Cola 24 x 330 ml / 24 x 0.33l deposit-free

Price: was €14,99 now €11,69



Meet the ultimate refreshment: Coca Cola 24 x 330 ml. This legendary thirst quencher has satisfied taste buds for years with that special, unmistakable flavor. Perfectly caffeinated, it is your go-to for an instant pick-me-up or even to totally include in your best-preferred mixed drinks.

Do not let this classic escape you; get yours now!


Monster Doctor Rossi 12×0.5 L

Price: €16,49



The ultimate drink for any occasion: quench your thirst with Monster Doctor Rossi 12×0.5L! This is a light, refreshing drink with a unique taste to which everyone will be drawn: be it at work, in motion, or just at home. Rewarding oneself with a perfect mix of flavor and freshness in every sip is perfection, just perfect.

Give it a try today!


Katjes Cat Paws 500 g

Price: €1,79


Katjes Katzen Pfötchen 500 g

Attention all cat lovers! Now you, too, can get a taste of delicious, perfectly good Katjes Cat Paws. This 500g bag filled with cute cat-shaped fruit gummies is sure to make your heart and taste buds happy. Made from good ingredients, it is soft, chewy, and perfectly complements any sweet tooth. Whether on the go or at home with a friend, Katjes Cat Paws are just meant to be that outstanding choice for a yummy goody.

Get your paws on them now!


Haribo Salty Likes 800 g

Price: was €7,69 now €6,99



Haribo Salty Likes is now ready to burst into taste in your mouth. For someone who wants to find the perfect balance between sweetness and salt in their snack, an 800-gram bag of these is really what’s needed. These bite-sized candies have precisely each flavor that would make an equally tantalizing treat fit for any occasion.

Don’t resist the temptation; indulge in Haribo Salty Likes today!



KitKat Cereal 330 grams

Price: was €3,89 now €2,76



Enjoy the distinctive taste of this 330g KitKat Cereal, which is just mouthwatering. It contains a just-right combination of crunchy cereal flakes and tender, perfect KitKat chocolate. It isn’t only yummy but loaded with energy and other important nutrients to make a good start to your day or whenever the craving hits. You wouldn’t like to miss this unique taste in the form of cereal.

Don’t miss out, get yours now!


So why settle for ordinary when you can shop extraordinary with Capalus DE offers?

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