Spice Up Your Self-Care Game with AYAY IT and Ditch the Dull


Say goodbye to boring and awkward body care routines, and hello to delightfully surprising AYAY IT products, designed for female well-being (and beyond). Their mission is to break down taboos surrounding self-care and empower you to embrace your unique needs. With FREE shipping on orders over €45, along with a FREE body butter on all orders, there’s no better time to upgrade your self-care game. Plus, when you buy two Shapewear products, enjoy 20% off your second item.


Discover AYAY IT Products for Total Body Confidence

Shaping Bodysuit – Air Force Blue

Price: was €40.00 now €14.90



Achieve your dream figure with the Bodyboo Slimming Bodysuit. This shaping bodysuit supports, sculpts, and shapes your upper body, giving you an instant confidence boost. Made from seamless bi-elastic fabric, it offers comfort all day long while providing immediate results like a flat stomach, harmonized hips outlined waist, and toned buttocks.

Order this Bodyboo Slimming Bodysuit for convenience and style!


La Gina ( Menstrual Cup)

Price: was €14,90 now €9,00


La Gina is the ultimate menstrual cup made of hypoallergenic medical silicone. This practical and easy-to-use product will make you forget you’re even wearing it. Available in sizes S and L, it perfectly adapts to your body for maximum comfort. Its soft shape creates a vacuum effect that prevents any leakage, allowing you to live freely during your period. Say goodbye to infections and unpleasant odors, as La Gina collects and channels menstrual flow inside its 100% medical silicone material.

Invest in a safer and more environmentally friendly period with La Gina today!


Emollient Soothing Gel for Private Parts

Price: was €14.00 now €9.90


Experience the ultimate relief and nourishment with the Emollient Soothing Gel. Perfectly formulated for post-epilation use, this lightweight gel works wonders in reducing irritation, itching, redness, and dry skin. Its 50ml size makes it easy to carry wherever you go. Say goodbye to ingrown hairs and folliculitis as this gel also prevents them while soothing tears or fabric-induced irritation.

Give your skin the care it deserves with this soothing gel!


La Ubalda

Price: €14.90



Meet La Ubalda, the ultimate companion for your menstrual cycle. This refreshing intimate cleanser has been delicately crafted to soothe and protect your skin during those sensitive days. With a perfect balance of sweetness and freshness, it will leave you feeling clean and rejuvenated. Its natural ingredients are carefully selected to maintain the delicate balance of your private parts while providing a relaxing and soothing effect.

Don’t miss out on this special hygiene moment, try La Ubalda today!


Painless hair removal stone

Price: was €28.00 now €9.90


Say goodbye to unwanted hair and hello to perfect, smooth, and soft skin with AYAY’s Painless Hair Removal Stone! Ditch painful waxes and razor cuts for up to 10 days, thanks to the power of microcrystals that gently exfoliate your skin while eliminating unwanted hair, dead cells, and pesky ingrown hairs. This must-have beauty tool is a game-changer in achieving flawless skin effortlessly.

Order now and experience painless hair removal like never before!


Say goodbye to menstrual discomfort! Let Ayay IT be your solution.


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