Aruba Fiber – Powering Europe’s Cloud Infrastructure

Aruba Fiber

Leading Italian cloud provider Aruba SpA offers a variety of services, such as email, domain registration, cloud hosting, data center management, and more. With its expansive infrastructure, Aruba can accommodate more than 200,000 servers throughout Europe. Located in Italy, Aruba Business was established in 2015 and provides document delivery and recovery services via a network of IT partners. For more than ten years, Aruba Enterprise has focused on offering specialized IT solutions, such as cloud, data center, and trust services, to enterprises and the public administration.

Leading the Way in Cloud Services and IT Solutions!


Elevate Your Online Experience with Advanced Services

3 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Price: €0

Was: €44.99

Offer Valid Till: 04.29.2024


Discover a unique selection of high-quality games to provide an engaging gaming experience. Access a wide selection of excellent games across multiple genres and styles. Explore a plethora of EA games, including both new and well-known franchises. As part of your subscription, get early access to trials, discounts on EA digital purchases, and access unique in-game content. Engage in exciting multiplayer games with friends and other gamers.

How to get the offer? It’s just that easy! Examine the available coverage and choose the right Aruba Fiber deal. Select “Xbox Game Pass Ultimate” as an add-on service when purchasing. You will receive an exclusive promotional code that will grant you three months of free access after you activate your connection.

Unlock Limitless Gaming Now!


Make the Most of the Fiber Optics Additional Services by Aruba!

Unlimited Callings!


You’ll pay the same monthly fee regardless of how many or how long the calls last, providing consistency and cost control. To enjoy unlimited calls to landline and mobile lines in Italy, either activate a new landline number or transfer your existing number to Aruba.

Access your customer area to add phone credit for international calls and pay-as-you-go numbers, giving you more flexibility and convenience when managing your communication needs. The service is compatible with any VoIP phone and would just require TCP/IP protocol capability and a standard connection port (RJ-11 type). Telephones are not included in this offer.


Faster Fiber Like Never Before!


Enjoy incredible upload rates of 2.5 Gbps and lightning-fast download speeds of up to 10 Gbps, offering unmatched performance for your online activities. ideal for online jobs and activities that are in high demand. Take advantage of lag-free, uninterrupted, and fluid 4K streaming from several devices at once. Large files may be uploaded and downloaded quickly, facilitating efficient file-sharing and transfer processes.

Faster download rates will enhance your online gaming experience by allowing for more fluid gameplay and game updates. Improve the clarity and flow of your live video streams and video conferences to guarantee effective presentation and conversation.


Static IPv4 address


Using a 32-bit format, the Static IPv4 address service offers a reliable and constant network identity. Your IPv4 address is fixed and unchanging, giving you a consistent and recognizable online persona. Take pleasure in consistent “positioning” within the network, which makes access management and security measures easier.

You can improve networked device and service security standards by using predefined references for particular authorizations. By utilizing a static IPv4 address, you can confidently optimize network management, strengthen security protocols, and provide remote access to your networked resources and services.

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