Adobe Launches Firefly, the New AI Art Generator

Behold, Adobe has stepped into the world of AI by releasing its very own AI art generator!

Firefly is Adobe’s ChatGPT-like tool, however, instead of text, it is for creating images.  AI systems capable of generating images have been a hot topic since last year. Even though AI-powered features have always been an integral part of its products, Adobe Photoshop has publically announced its image-generating AI, Firefly.

The AI model has been trained with stock files as per Adobe. This guarantees that Firefly doesn’t steal the work of other artists. Moreover, the latest AI tool can generate 3D models, images, and text effects using their own words. Firefly’s release is a huge concern for Adobe in the midst of growing speculation in different industries that AI is here to take over human jobs. However, Adobe suggests that its wish is to assist customers and help them speed up editing processes using the latest technologies.

What Can Firefly Do?

Firefly has been built with a focus to provide consistent and quality results by allowing buttons and drop-down menus that help determine the overall feel and look of the image a user generates. This is unlike typical AI generative tools that require particular keywords. This makes Firefly user-friendly and simple as users can easily change an image’s style without recreating it.

You can type a ‘clown fish in the sea’ and select different options to achieve your desired look. Firefly is adept at taking in a text prompt and creating an image out of it, unlike DALL-E or Midjourney. You should know that you will get consistent results with Firefly.

Images will not regenerate whenever you select a new style. If you are satisfied and like the image, you can rest assured that changing the style will not create something different. Firefly has been created to be easy and user-friendly.  Apart from creating new images from text, Firefly can generate text effects.

What Does Adobe Say about Firefly?

Adobe says that Firefly is a new family of creative generative AI models. It will help users in creating images and text effects using simple inputs. You type in what you want, and the AI tool shall generate an image accordingly. Adobe has some great plans ahead for Firefly.

The company plans to pay the artists who have contributed to the training data. Adobe has designed Firefly to create an expansive range of diverse images of people of different ages, ethnicities, and ages to prevent any bias issues from appearing.  Till now, Adobe has successfully trained Firefly on millions of Adobe Stock images, licensed content, and public domain content to steer clear of any copyright claims.

Adobe Firefly allows users to generate 3D and vector models. Furthermore, the elements within the image can be tweaked and modified as per the requirement of the user. This makes Firefly stand out from the rest as the other popular generative AI tools such as Midjourney or Dall-E do not offer such functionality.

Firefly is going to be the start of a revolution in the world of graphic design and we can’t wait for what the future holds!

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