7 Upcoming on Netflix Action movies 2023

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Almost all the action movies have suspense, drama, action, and a betrayal storyline. Many people worldwide are searching for good action movies because action movies are filled with amazing graphics and mind-blowing interpretations.

Movies like Red and Adam Project are wildly appreciated because of their scene. This is why people are always searching for good action movies. We bring you upcoming Netflix action movies 2023. This will save you time, and you can select these movies to watch when they are ready to release. Let’s get on the action pack train and find out the best one for you to watch next Netflix action season.



Upcoming on Netflix Action movies 2023

Silverton Siege



A power-pack action movie from South Africa. You will see three freedom fighters after South African Bank in Silverton. They take the bank and take customers hostage. The only way they will release is if they have secured the release of Nelson Mandela. A power-pack movie that is complete with fights and anger. If you are searching for a film like this, your wait is over.


Day Shift

Day Shift — The Movie Database (TMDB)


Are you a fan of vampires and zombie-type movies? If so, then Day Shift is your type of movie. You will see Jamie Fox in a supernatural action movie in a while. In which you would see him kicking the ass of Vampires. To top it up, a good drama and action movie comes with supernatural activities.


Extraction 2

Extraction 2 (2022) - IMDb


After a power pack Extraction (2020), they come with part 2. This is one of the most-watched movies on Netflix. You will see the handsome Chris Hemsworth returning to the role of Tyler Rake. A complete action pack sequel that will make your intelligent screens boom.


The Gray Man


The Gray Man is considered one of the most expensive action movies on Netflix. This is a star-studded cast movie. Ryan Gosling leads it. He plays the role of Count Gentry, which is based on Mark Greaney’s novel and is about the most skilled mercenary who is on the run after a bounty is put on his head.


 The Cloned Tyrone

They Cloned Tyrone (2022) - IMDb


The Cloned Tyrone is said to be a different kind of action movie which will have a trio of unlikely heroes comes together to untangle a vast government conspiracy. Besides, a different style of action movie will be seen on your bright smart screens.






Chris Hemsworth will be starting in another action movie. This movie was previously known as Escape from spider head. Also, the new movie is set soon to release, where convicts are offered experimental treatments for getting their prison sentence shortened.


The Mother





Are you a fan of Jennifer Lopez? Where there is good news, she is staring in an action pack movie, The Mother, which will be seen shortly. In addition, the film is about a deadly female assassin who comes to protect her daughter, whom she gave up years ago.


These are upcoming Netflix action movies in 2023. A power pack action movie filled with action, drama, and romance. Want to know what coming in Anime on Netflix? Check the category to find out more upcoming Netflix movies.


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